the sun; what a load of shite!

i was reading the sun today and read the artical about drivers in iraq being told they can not wear there shades whilst off duty. to the end of the artical the sun pointed out how it was the soldiers favourite paper and i thought to my self ''what a load of arrse!''.

they are all for supporting the troops before and during the war but as soon as it all settles down they just find shite to write about and generally can't get their facts right. it pisses me off to see it and the people who write it must have the brain of a monkey!!

what the feck is a coposite squadron anyway?
The only reason it's the army's fav paper is cause it's got lots of small word and lots of big tits! And generally publishes arrse!
what else would anyone need?
Culture & facts Mr TURP.
A 'composite' sqn is made up of elements of other squadrons, often including different trades, such as transport, stores and MBLU.

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