The Sun Today, Far from their loved ones article.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theiftaker, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Stuck in traffic today on the bus, bored so picked up the "Forces Favourite". Centre page spread featuring a world map marking where all oyr troops are deployed. Around the edge of the page are photos of British troops around the world.
    This photo caught my attention, anybody spot the error?

    British troops???

    Link to the Article online:
  2. Err, they aren't Brits :?
  3. The forces favourite my Arrse......
  4. The Sun still thinks us Paddies are part of the Empire

    and that pic wasnt taken in Kosovo either

    but irregardless

    Merry Christmas to both all Soldiers doing good around the world
  5. What do you expect when they have a tw@t like newton-dung as defence editor.

    The sun, the forces favourite (as long as they can't make money from printing a forces "scandal" like some female monkey being involved in a naked bar).
  6. They're not in height order whilst in a single rank
  7. TND has two specialities

    1. He does have a very deep knowledge of the way that the forces operate. Normally gleaned from his "contacts" made over several freebie drinkies in various London drinking establishments. These "contacts" are pretty well known to tell him whatever he wants to know, the amount of knowledge being proportionatly reprsentative to the bar bill.

    2. His ability to then spin incredible bullsh1t from the initial bullsh1t that the said drunken bullsh1ters had given him.

    He is very good at Military History, I'll give him that. He has written / ghost written some very good pieces on things that have already happened.

    As for writing about what IS happening, I'd rather wait for the latest Beano's version of it. I'd be far more inclined to believe that Dennis The Menace had just beaten the Taliban than to trust anything that TND had put to paper.

  8. Could it be that the myopic OEC is talking berllocks.
  9. Recognise the sacrifices we make by fulfilling your side of the military covenant you cnut!

  10. Which of course would be utter b0ll0cks, as everyone knows it's Gnasher who's the double hard fatherless in that team!..

    ..and a safe Christmas to all on active duty this year.
  11. Given the Suns renown accuracy its a suprise that they are not a bunch of Souix Indians.

    Edit for spelling as I now realise that I cannot spell when I have had a few!
  12. What ia it about tabloid journalism that makes it about as accurate as a US Airforce bomb-aimer.

    To all who are serving thank you and have a good one.
  13. It's written by thick f*ckers for thick f*ckers, it's just a comic that people read to make them think they are grown up enough to read the news. And it's got tits in it, one of them is Tom Newton Dung.

    I have to concede Aunty Stella that I have never read his military history work, I wouldn't give that cnut one penny of my money no matter how good they might be.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Good to see 3 Bde enjoying Cyprus :roll:
  15. Front page of the sun - didn't know 52 Bde were still out there, lol!