The Sun (Or Scum)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Is_the_link_in?, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Is it really the paper that 'Shafts our boys?'

    Comments please!
  2. I think so. it's the paper that shafts everyone isn't it?
    it thinks itself a working class paper but has done more damage to the working class than any politican.
    and as to the 'our boys' slogan its all superficial with that rag.

    um...hello, by the way. i'm new here.
    i'm a sig from Bath TA. :)
  3. Personally i think the Sun isnt all bad. It does have its times when it does shaft every single soldier, but when you look at the other papers out there...

    Well, at least were not all drunk, raving lunatics running round with rifles raping and stealing everything we can get our hands on...

    Im sure i read that in The Mirror :evil: :x :?
  4. Its all relative really, all the papers make up/over exagerrate their stories in order to sell papers. In a way, the British public are to blame, as they buy the sensationalist shoite, which encourages the editors on to greater flights of fancy. Papers should stick to reporting the facts, and allow a well informed public to formulate their own opinions. Oh, and always have pictures of essence young ladies with their bangers out. Nikkala is my favourite! :p
  5. This has to be a waaaaah, right?
  6. Oh, and welcome BP, but watch your persec, or the mods will rape your young bum!
  7. And when did a paper EVER have any of its facts right? :roll:
  8. If you want balanced journalism then you don’t read the ‘Ole Current bun!
  9. This guys not one of us, he said he'd f**k a sheep!

    No wait a minute that's from a movie...
  10. the sun only lives by the same line as every other taploid and most squddies to boot,
    "can't let the truth get in the way of a good story"
    the problems arise when they go out looking for shti to print, there is alway someone happy to say some soilder attacked/assalted some poor defencless civi that at no time was asking for it because he had 5 mates with him earlier.
  11. Bunch of cnuts...them, not you - that is yet to be proved! :wink:
  12. This was all debated in another thread that i cant be arrsed to find the link for.

    But to add my 2 cents worth, The paper is crap, and until they give a balanced approach to there reporting, and not writing things about the forces like horiscopes that could mean anything to whom ever reads, With double meanings then i hope the paper burns to the ground