The Sun on the new Armed Forces Memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 13, 2007.

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    Did the UK Govt really not pay anything directly into this?
  2. Not sure I understand this because the quickest of looks at the Memorial website's fundraising page shows that HM Treasury made a grant of £1.5m. Or am I missing something?
  3. I think that the Treasury issued a collectable coin the profits of which were £1.5 mil for the memorial but no direct grant was made at all.
  4. And initially The national lottery (the Government slush fund) failed to cough up!
  5. point is there is a memorial, i dont care who did or didnt pay
  6. Thank you a_j. I've now spotted this at the bottom of the website's Q&A page:

    Perhaps things are not quite as black and white as some would have us believe.
  7. Shock horror - exploitative tabloid lies to public!
  8. Blinding glimpse of the obvious I know but to be fair on this rare occasion, the Sun and the Mail did run campaigns to raise funds for the memorial so credit where credit's due. That's how my attention was first drawn to the project (admittedly via ARRSE) so that I was able to donate. As others have said, irrespective of who paid what, the important thing is that we now have a tangible reminder of the 16,000 personnel who have given their lives in the service of their country since WWII. Better late than never.

    I have just used the Memorial website's database search facility to look up some not-so-old friends who succumbed in recent years. Two of them are included on the Roll of Honour but the third, who died after lying in a coma for several months after a training exercise, is not listed at all. I will have to chase this up.
  9. Why isn't the Government funding the Armed Forces Memorial?

    It has been a long-standing policy of successive Governments that the cost of memorials is not met from public funds, but from private donations or public subscription. The Government has decided, as a one off special arrangement, to provide a contribution of £1.5million from the proceeds of the Trafalgar coin to help fund this important national project.

    Typical of government, how on earth can they justify not funding memorials to those who have lost their lives in the service of the country, the armed forces work for the public are funded by the public purse. So why when they pay the price of service do the government say thank you for a job well done, we are proud of what you do, we salute you and will never forget your sacrifice, but if you want to be remembered then we aint gonna pay for it.

    bobc................................ :x :x :x :x :x
  10. I sense perhaps that 'The Sun' is using an emotive story to perhaps start there drive against 'Gordon Brown' watch Question Time and listen too Kelvin Mackenzie's answer on does Murdock therefore the Sun back brown and labour!

    The long standing policey of memorials being raised by public Subscription and not being meet by direct public funds is perhaps contensious i do believe it to be the right thing to do and the fact that any memeorial can ask or apply for some government funds as a 'gift not a right'.

    I dont however like that the 'The Sun' is trying to create a none story using the fallen of conflicts post WW2 that is aimed not at should or should not public money be spent on memeorials? But at swaying voters as the whole election debacle created by Brown has given 'Murdock' perhaps? The opening to jump horses and steer the 'people' on who to vote for in the future?
  11. Im too in the 'dont care who payed for it camp' However im annoyed that its taken so long for any recognition for those who fell, in whats now History, but to some very fresh.

    Not sure on the criteria, as i to have found a couple of names missing, must also do some chasing.
  12. I personally am glad that the goverment didn't fund this Memorial,we paid for it to remember our own kind,be they family or friends just my opinion
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Agree with Rhodeshian here. The current gov has done nothing for our servicemen apart from cause more pain sorrow & misery to a already stretched military. But i bet they'd cough up the dosh for a memorial to bLair quick enough.
  14. Who gives a fu ck how the memorial was paid for and who did and didn't contribute. The important thing is that it is there and done in good taste.

    A_J you are just a shi t stirring prick trying to whip up a frenzy. No better than the gutter press that you love to quote.

    You thourougly deserve an O2 tag as you contribute little to the site apart from tripe. If you had done any military service some of your posts may be more acceptable to stomach as you would be able to understand the lot of the British Servicemen/women.

    Your constant cut and paste efforts are dull and quite frankly insulting - do you think the British Squaddie can't read?