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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by 252_me, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Not that I read such a low-brow document myself, but the following article was brought to my attention today.

    How accurate is the reporting in 'The Sun'?

    To see what I'm babbling about click HERE
  2. dont know, every time I click on the link it crashes.
  3. Princes' war tutor sex swap

    May 08, 2007


    A TOP male lecturer at Sandhurst who taught Princes William and Harry has won his own war — to be a woman.

    Officer Cadets returned to the elite military academy for a new term yesterday to find pipe-smoking Dr Aryeh Nusbacher is now Lynette.

    Dr Nusbacher, 40 — already tagged “Mrs Gunfire” — is believed to have had the sex change op in the past few weeks.

    On top of giving her the title of Ma’am, cadets have been ordered to treat her with full respect.

    Sandhurst’s Commandant, Major General Peter Pearson, has warned that any jokes or snide remarks by pupils or staff will be severely punished.

    The US-born professor, married with a young daughter, is still living with wife Melanie and family in nearby Guildford, Surrey.

    A friend of Lynette’s said: “She’s a very brave girl.

    “A stiff upper lip military environment such as Sandhurst is about the hardest place to come out.”

    As well as teaching at Sandhurst the professor is known to viewers of the BBC2 war game show Time Commanders and History Channel documentaries.

    Her wife said yesterday: “She does not wish to talk to you about a private matter.”
  4. He/She can often be found on the History Channel etc doing the Line of Fire series, wonder if they'll have to redo them all now!
  5. could be the new proctologist for under cover ops!
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  11. A thoroughly nice bloke, ahem, bird actually...had many dealings with her!
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