The Sun Does it again

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by oldagecrafty, May 13, 2006.

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  1. I have just sat and watched the footage of that young lad in the Gas Chamber in Winchester.

    I cant believe the amount of fuss being generated by such footage, having gone through this myself I remember the experience as being pretty horrible yes but hardly abusive. And as far as the comment about "This is Corpral ***** palace of fun" big deal if young squaddies want to cry to mummy about such incidents they should seriously think about the hardships endured when on tour before joining up.

    And my last point is why oh whwy are people still filming this stuff, surely they must see the harm that this can cause when let out into the public domain. Civvies just dont get the army sense of humour.
  2. Another thread about this has already been locked......

    ve knoo nuffink! Uns ve vill say nuffink until zer Polizi haf their vild beatings of zer zuspect finoiten!
  3. 2 questions...

    1st, Why would an NCO, with half a brain film something like that, in that way? What was he thinking?

    2nd, How did that ever get out into the public domain? What was he thinking?

    I think that the Corporal is a nob and deserves all that he got for both of the above.

    But I agree, we all were subject to that (the gas chamber) and it did us no harm. I think it was to instil faith in the resperator/IPE system.

    The second lad held out really well though.

    Its very hard for civilians to identify with the training.

    Training now is nothing compared to how it used to be. Thank god there were no video-mobile phones then!!!

    Still it sells papers and thats all that matters, right???
  4. At least 2 other threads on this subject have already been locked.

    Please, no further comment on this subject as per the site rules.
  5. "Random" application of site rules

    "Bootneck roll mats" wasn't censored, neither was "spy girl" or "riot beaters"

    Beware Mod power is brushing off in rumration where Jenny Dabber is closing down threads she can't keep up with
  6. Hmmmm I certainly look forward to going through that when I go in September lol.
  7. Was written in the Scum as if he was some kind of lunatic shouting and bawling at everyone. IMHO it looks like it was all said in fun. As soon as the first guy has had enough he gets him out. I have to say I experianced things similar to this during my TA recruits course. The DS asking you to repeat your number "sorry I missed that" that kind of stuff. I considered it to be quite tame really. Yes he does laugh at them, so did I. If "Pearson" and " Grant" have anything about them they would have been laughing about it too. It does seem abit of an error of judgement to have filmed this though. Just asking for trouble
  8. At the risk of dating myself, I remember doing that test in the Mk 1 suit (WTF was that separate hood all about?) having done a two-mile approach march in state 2 so that we were all equipped with betty swallocks. the mask off time was largely irrelevant as we were all suffering nicely thank you very much just by standing there in a suit that let it all hang in. Did we complain, did we fcuk. It was all part of the game.

    Why can't Newton-Dung get his tiny head around that fact?
  9. I bet you were bullied at school. You really want to be a MOD don't you.
  10. Any one got a link to the video? ive not seen it, but feel like a giggle

    edited to say- im an tinternet mong and just found the video link

    Was that it!!!!!! FFS Andy Mc'would sell my grandmother tosspot'Nabb what a load of kack, that is an important NBC lesson!
  11. That vid looks just the same as anything I had to do in basic. It got my NBC drills squared away nicely I can tell you that !!!!! I see the scum has wheeled out Andy McCash to pour even more scorn on the whole exersize.

  12. Another harmless incident being blown out of proportion.

    On my first time in the gas chamber, I was at the back of the line coming out with my respirator off, my eyes streaming and almost spewing all over myself. What was the first thing outside to greet me?................A Cpl with a camera!!

    That picture is hilarious and I still laugh about it to this day. No big deal, just a bit of fun while learning the importance of good drills.
  13. Yup, looks just like you, I or anyone else who has been through the chambers in training in the past 50 years. You have to learn about what happens should you get it wrong, or be too idle to take it seriously. I would be concerned if this happened regularly to the same people, but I doubt it. Does everyone here (except journos and Waltish types) remember having to unmask, reel off your name, rank, number and then a stream of questions until you got a lung full?
  14. "Asking recruits to take their respirators off for more than just a few seconds in a room full of CS gas is insane." andy mcnab on the side of the column.

    reckon andy mcbadass really said that?

    i had to name all of the teams in the premiership at the time. 20 clubs. as soon as i was struggling i was whisked out. you have to feel the effects or you will never have faith in your kit. yes i coughed and spluttered for a bit... a lesson i wont forget, which comes in handy for when tony sends us to another shithole. i will know my respirator works i will know what its like to cough my lungs up and wont want it to happen again.

    the paper that supports our boys.... :)
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