The sun backs labour for general election

Just heard it on the news that the scum has come out in support of New Labour for the general election.

Just when we thought they couldnt drop their standards any lower :roll:

Scum backs scum
Well, good to see that the Scum has shown its true colours :evil:

So that Aussie has been bought off by New Labliar, nothing new there.

Let's grow accustomed to the fact that New Labliar will get a third term as the muppets out there who read this muck will vote as this muck says.

As for a good economy, watch the economy plummet now they get a third term, its wobbling as we speak.
If the jokers who refer to themselves as the government win again, then the economy will suffer pretty quickly. Interest rates are already rising, as is unemployment.

Once the projected tax black hole becomes reality, as it most surely will, then expect the economy to take a sharp down turn. As is the case with both France and Germany currently, our economy has been burdened by too much bureaucracy and social costs (in our case, excessive numbers of public servants, which are a drain on the economy) at the same time that the manufacturing industry, which puts money into the economy, has been allowed to decline by the government.

I have heard Government ministers say this is unavoidable. What absolute twaddle. If that is so, then how have manufacturing jobs been created in USA and Japan? When this government (Istill have trouble thinking of them as a govt - seems hard to believe anyone so incompetent and corrupt could be elected) came into power, employment in manufacturing had been incresing for 3 years - it kept on increasing for another 2 years. Right until the new governments policies began to take effect. That is one thing Neu Arbeit cannot blame the Tories for.

Neu Arbeit have simply moved from one nationalisation type - overly rigid, overstaffed and ineffiecient industry, to another type of nationalisation - public servants. Which, incidentally, have very similar characteristics! (It is interesting to note that whilst public employment, per se, has increased under this government, the most effective and overused branch [ie the military] has suffered manpower and resource cutbacks!) Either way the result is the same - more people being paid to do jack sh1t whilst draining the economy.

All this from the self proclaimed party of 'economic competence!' I have to say when I heard that one I almost choked on me cornflakes! That is an even bigger lie than the 'tough on crime etc' bollox spouted by Bliar back in '97!

So, expect increasing taxes in a paypacket near your pocket very soon! I am just waiting for some tw@t to start bleeting about it in 12 or so months, who will doubtless stop bleeting the moment they are asked who they voted for! (W@nkers!)

Quite how the Scum cannot see this is beyond me. If it wasn't such a serious issue, it would be quite amusing watching those sanctimonious vermin at the poxy publication explain their way out of backing the self serving, hypocritical, overpaid to55ers currently in government for a third term. We will all rue the day - those who doubt me, come forth and reply. (As if they would have the stomach, or indeed, integrity to argue the above points).

Bring it on you socialist pi55pots!
Scum really takes the pissh

Sun sends smoke signal to Labour

Red means good news for Labour
Britain's biggest-selling daily newspaper, the Sun, has decided to back Labour at the coming general election.
The Sun made its decision known by sending a plume of red smoke from a chimney on the roof of its London HQ - a cheeky homage to the papal election.

The Sun has backed Labour at the last two general elections, nonetheless the move will be a boost to Tony Blair.

And it may surprise some as many of the issues the paper has raised have been taken up by the Conservatives.

We feel at this point in the political cycle we would not be in touch with our readers if we backed the Conservatives

Trevor Kavanagh
The Sun's political editor

In a clear parody of the Vatican's ancient method of announcing it has chosen a new pope, earlier in the day the Sun said it was "on the verge of an historic decision".

"The newspaper's executives have assembled in secret to debate which political party the newspaper will back at next month's general election.

"To mark the momentous meeting, a chimney has been erected on the roof of the paper's east London headquarters. A plume of black smoke confirms the discussions have begun.

"The smoke will turn white to signal a decision has been reached. The announcement of which party The Sun chooses to back in the election will be made by the smoke turning either red, blue or, in the event of a miracle, yellow."

The Sun's political editor Trevor Kavanagh said the newspaer had decided to back the Labour Party because they had delivered on the economy.

But he said that the support was "not a blank cheque" because they still had a few grumbles with the government.

The asylum system was a "shambles" and too little action had been taken on hospital superbugs, he said.

He added: "We feel at this point in the political cycle we would not be in touch with our readers if we backed the Conservatives."
Just when you thought they couldn't scrape any further :roll:
The whole reason for the early election is that Gorden the Greats financial empire is doing the traditional Labour manoover of going Tits up.
Always does just a matter of waiting.
Running dog Murdoch is just buttering his rice bowl, who knows maybe a nice little Ladyship to keep mother of his new offspring happy.
Ok lets make it an offence for any military, ex military or arrse members to buy or read the Scum.

Permitted uses for the scum are as sh*thouse paper and for rolling up and uses as a p*ss tube to place in Millwall suporters pockets.

Disposal of used scum bog paper is to be by writing "to, The Labour ********, 10 Downing Street, London" on it and posting it.

Women could aslo use it as a tampon...and send to address above.


armourer said:
I'm having that. Try and buy a copy in Liverpool Should be the same in the NAFFI Spar

Paper of the people???? Bollox
Paper that supports "Our Boys" Utter shat

Paper that everyone should send a sh1t bomb to????
not very sensible I know but These people are so two faced its unbelievable. Really grips my sh1t
I feel like sending a letter to the Current Bun, what do you reckon:


I am writing as a serving member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces to thank you for the support you have given “Our Boys” during many difficult and dangerous operational deployments over the last few years. Throughout these dangerous times you have provided us with a link to home that we felt was sincere and well intentioned.

Which is why I was particularly shocked to see that you have forsaken us. What did we do? Did our actions and sacrifices disappoint you or did we fail you in any way? Why are you supporting a government that lied to the entire population in order to send us to war? We have seen, first hand, many good reasons to have removed Saddam from power, but why are you brushing over the fact that we were made to do so illegally and against the wishes of this country? Why are you supporting a government that seeks to remove our identity? Why are you supporting a government that won’t rest until the British Army is subsumed into an ineffectual European one? Of course your taxes will go down because we will be decimated and our slashed funding will be covered, at least in part, by Brussels – but are we so expendable that you would rather have a new Playstation or dishwasher? Why do you support a government that wants to see Britain’s identity thrown away in order to make Mr Blair EU President? Did our predecessors pass us the torch, war after war, in order for it to be extinguished for the sake of ambition? Why do you support a government that would rather we cower from fear in our living rooms rather than walk lightly in the warmth of the freedom we have brought you? Would you rather they imprison us without trial? Is that what we fight for? Is it right that while we deploy to foreign lands to protect their integrity and sovereignty, our own borders are wide open? Is it right that we can control the movement of insurgents in Al Amarrah but we can do nothing to stop terrorists entering our country with false documents then disappearing? Is it right that our own government sees us as docile and ignorant, and feels they can lie to us again and again? Have we not earned the right to be treated better by all politicians, regardless of party? Is it right that we reward those who treat us so badly by re-electing them again and again?

Are you still the paper of “Our Boys” or do you just bring that old line out every so often in order to sell more papers?

Lies, damn lies and statistics. Just remember that you and I will be burying more of those statistics in the coming years.

I met the MD of News International, who own the NotW and The Scum....shall I pass your letter onto him RTFQ?? Perhaps accompanied with a kick in the knackers (him, not you)
It's not for him, it's for the average joes sat in a greasy spoon skim-reading the sun (Back Pages, Front Page, Page 3, Deidre's Photo casebook, TV page) in order to get a thorough grasp of world events and political thought. They're still redeemable, the MD's beneath my words.
It is no surprise that the paedos' favourite paper (ex-employer of Jonathan King and relentless paparazzi pursuers of "youthful" female actresses and pop stars) are supporting the paedos' favourite party (home of minister Margaret Hodge, the smearer of child abuse victim and suppressor of abuse investigations, and of Labour party members and officials being done for child abuse photos).

Have the Scum also raised the issue of the disenfranchisement of Service voters?

Every Mess should pass a EGM or AGM motion, or ask the relevant committee member, to remove the Scum from the ante-room newspaper selection! Remove it from the NAAFI as well!
anybar said:
Should be posted as an open letter to The Sun, but not sure sure where.
The esteemed publication may stifle it if sent direct.
Daily Mail, main readership is middle England - who are getting the worst end of the deal from Labour.

The Mirror - hated by all - but they hate The Scum too

The Sport - Erm, yeah well, forget that then
Well of course it did.
The Sun shines out of Tony's ba**side,don't you know.
Well that's what the Doctor told me.
And as the Doc is one of Tony's Croneys,he should know.

Inside information from the house behind the black door.
He gets the wife to shred any paper that doesn't have his picture on the front.
Thats 252 million canvassing leaflets for a start. :twisted:
The daily mail should burn in a big fire and so should most of it's readers. At least sun readers know they're not the sharpest tools in the box.
Gosh, I wonder who is after a peerage...........Lord Murdoch of Aubrey Wadonga.......

Tell you what Rupert, get behind the Tories and you're sure of getting yourself a peerage, and we'd like you too!
Just read this post.

RTFQ, if you haven't already then send your letter to every national newspaper in the country. It deserves the widest possible coverage.