the sun and the sas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by megadeth, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. SAS troops have discovered a new secret weapon against al-Qaeda booby traps — party aerosol cans of silly STRING.

    They spray the joke substance to expose virtually invisible trip wires in caves or darkened buildings they must enter.
    God allmighty , got trained that at basic training fo Enginners , does everything revolve around the sas
  2. How old is that one. The bluff story on how it was discoverd in the Mess cracks me up. The sun is really scraping the troth today. who remembers Combat 90 on TV :wink:
    I wager some one has phoned up with this knowing full well the MOD will not comment. what other ones could we come up with to bluff the SUN.

    SAS used old rat pack foxes glacier mints to undermine the Argi war machine.

    It was discovered during a routine exercise when two SAS soldiers attempted to open the sweets. Its stickiness later proved to be a valuable tool in destroying 11 aircraft on pebble island in 1982 as the sweet help hold back Enrmy forces when the super soldiers laid them out side the Argis barracks. By the time the Argi soldiers unstuck themselves from the fruity confection the SAS had completed their mission and disappeared into the night. One SAS insider commented the argis luckily didn't come unstuck that night. The MOD refused to comment. :lol:

    It has been reported that SAS patrol Bravo 2 minus one successfully evaded Iraqi pursuers by skillfully following a trail of breadcrumbs that led to their way home. SAS patrol bravo 2 zero leader AXXY McXXB was quoted as saying " I might try that, hopefully the pigeons won't fcuk it up for us"

    An SAS patrol captured by enemy cannibals led by Abu Bakir Dawickedwitch fooled the enemy into thinking they were not worth eating by decoying captors with a chicken bone. Troopers Hansel and Gretel were quoted as saying "It was a piece of p1ss really"
  4. You forgot "The MOD refused to comment". :lol: but its a scoop
  5. here's one for the press.

    A British Army Regiment has just departed to iraq for a six month tour. local sources say that all of the soldiers were in posession of the right kit needed and that all issued items were brand new and of the right sizes. Aswell as this, it is believed that the regiments management had actualy forward planned and as well as taking a full stores stock of replacement items, they will also be able to give each individual their first choice of r+r dates aswell as full full provision of internet access and phone cards.

    At this time, an MOD spokesman was unable to prive any further comment
  6. Or here's one for tommorow's Front Page:

    The Sun has exclusively discovered today that a manager of a private sector company has had an illicit affair with a married employee! An insider commented "Its true they've had sex and everything, and 'er being married to someone else to". The CEO and Board members have declined to comment.
    *Front page photo to include a picture of an office somewhere, preferably nothin to do with said company*
  7. Surely you mean...