The Sun advert for H4H

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. You Tube

    Just incase you hadnt seen it.
    Comments? Ive not made my mind up if its a very great gesture, or if its just a shameless plug for the Scum.
    No doubt the paper in question has done a fair amount for the charity, but i know that the paper in question brings a certain amount of flak from saying its the 'Forces paper', especially after some of the things its prints.
    I dont know...cant decide.
  2. Saw it for the first time last night.Despite being an ad for The Scum if it highlights the injured boys and girls that must be good,right? Also noticed a large banner in our local Sainsbury's promoting H4H.
  3. I think its a great advert, I know the scum have produced it but after watching it I felt it was far more about H4H than the Scum
  4. I think it's great. Anything to highlight the cause IMHO.
  5. I agree. A good advert.
  6. The Scum aren't stupid, they can see the rise in public support and affection for the Boys & Girls. Their view is 'If it sells papers . . ' then why not.

    Sometimes you have to get into bed with the devil for things to happen. I suspect that the Parry's consulted several people, organisations and possibly the MOD before getting into The Scum bed.

    Would anyone feel so bad if it was another shitty red top??

    Good drill's, I say, as long as people are aware The Scum will drop H4H like a hot stone if another cause becomes more news worthy.
  7. Jade goody for instance ?
  8. Saw it last night,
    Wasn't until the back end of the advert i realised the Scum were even involved (in the ad)

    Good use of their(The Scum) cash to get air time for the Charity.
  9. My sentiments exactly.
  10. Right, Tin hat on...Check
    Abuse deflector...Check

    If everyone is kind of happy with the advert and intentions why is everybody still calling the Sun the Scum

  11. Yes, you should be bloody ducking.

    Leopard and Spots . . . .?
  12. Not just that, but the first chance they get, they'll be slating the Armed Forces if it has a chance of selling papers. Fecking parasites.
  13. I'd let Hitler make an add If it helped one ex serviceman
  14. It's the fickleness of media support that winds me up - the way they polarise their opinions to suit.

    They can't give unbiased views or support, it is always slanted by the chance to sell more papers, and the truth being a concept, not an absolute.
  15. Hairy,It is a very well known fact that the people who read that rag are all chav scum,ergo The Scum.Simples!