The Sun - 100% right on this one

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 24, 2007.

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  2. How many more before they act? New laws are one thing but the implementation of current ones would do. A message to these kids that you will be punished and cannot behave like this must be enforced.
  3. no respect for the police and teachers from either kids or the parents, and always the chance of being taken to court for standing up to these people, look at the thread of the rail guard getting sacked for doing his job.....................

  4. Great idea - but this government hasnt got the stomach for it. Any tough laws they try and introduce will be voted out by the House of Lords, in case it infringes Human Rights.
  5. I saw Jacqui Smith on Sky News yesterday and she uttered the fiollowing words "Trust me............."

    What is really scary is that after a few days the furore will die down - the great British Public have now been battle innoculated against this type of behaviour.
  6. Stats are all they preach, and unfortunately they are the stats that they like.... not the stats that prove what they are doing isn't working.

    It doesn't matter who is in power, they just don't give a damn.

    Like has been said already, how many more children.?
  7. Er, we don't actually need any more police officers. What we need is for the police officers we do have to stop doing so much paperwork.
  8. NOTHING will change until the diabolical Yuman Writes laws are binned, and for that to occur we have to withdraw from the EU.
  9. A STRONGER DETERRENT is what is needed folks. Jail and sentencing must relate to the crime. Again so called intelligent MP's are walking about with thier heads up their rear ends and don't want to know what goes on in the real world.Any weapon used or any implement used in a crime should carry a mandatory sentence of ten years minimum and they forfeit their "SO CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS" immediately a crime is committed.Take them away from society and let us all live in a secure and peaceful society without the knifemen and gunmen and most of all ban those stupid games that the youngster are playing when they are taught to kill on a computer.
  10. The dear old EU has very little in reality to do with our Human Rights Law, we signed up to the ECHR way back before the EU was even tought of so being in the EU or not really makes very little difference. Now I would agree that in some ways we have both applied and interpreted the ECHR to our own disadvantage, but it is not HR legislation that is causing the problem, it is the reality that we do not detect or convict enough of the little anti social b*st*rds that roam our streets. Equally gang violence and death on our streets is not new, I can remeber pop singers in the 50s heading up anti gang campaigns, and random stabbings by teenage thugs when I was at school.

    We need the police to get out of their cosy plod stations and get out on the streets and start enforcing the laws we already have, then we need the CPS to do their job properly and prosecute the little scrotes. It is not cheap booze, we have the most expensive in Europe, it is the failure to enforce the law. It is not HR legislation it is our failure to enforce the law.
  11. I've no doubt Neu Liebor will rush through some new law or other in a high profile "look we're doing something" bid to placate the masses, when all that actually needs doing is actually enforcing the current laws and Judges handing out the kind of stiff sentences that they already have the powers to dish out.

    Or in other words, exactly the same response to Dunblane.
  12. Until we actually start catching the scrotes and prosecuting them jumping up and down about the lengths of sentences will do b*gger all good. Detection and conviction has to come first, and at present because most of the plods are not actually out on the streets we are not dectecting the majority just the headline grabbers.
  13. Cant really blame the EU for this.
    Our glorious leaders pick and choose sections of Human Rights legislation as they see fit.
    It seems extraordinary that the UK can ignore Human Rights legislation to enable them to enforce Gatso speeding fines but not to deal with murderers.
  14. Sad but true. :evil:
  15. Want to fre up some more money for the police and prisons? Get rid of the damed Quangos!! Makes my blood boil at the idea of there being little "focus groups" sat round tables in Whitehall talking shoite all day and being paid a fortune to come up with "suggestions" that are based on some kind of New Labour Liberal fantasy world