Here you go - work this one out if you can. Dubya's visit is reported as costing Joe Taxpayer £5m. That doesn't include the million odd quiddies to give him a bar lunch. It is also reported that the UK / US 'special relationship' is under a bit of pressure at the moment - problems with Bliar's credibility with the EU over trade wars etc and, tucked away there in the margins, a bleeding heart liberal lobby worrying about our citizens currently enjoying some US hospitality in Guantanamo Bay. So, never mind the problems which actually might do us a bit of good politically - we're about to be handed back the upright British citizens in order to a) 'try' them (without the prospect of stringing any of them up - and don't forget, some of these characters were nabbed having a crack at coalition forces), and b) lock them up at HMP Barlinnie - (anyone see the accommodation sorted out for the Lockerbie bomber?). In other words, we're expected to be grateful for the priviledge of having these noble fellows on our shores, swallowing up yet more cash etc etc. So, back to the original sums -and I leave you to work it out - a lot of cash for this distinctly unwelcome thawing of relations between the UK and US. We're supposed to be grateful?

Trebles all round!
Bugg*r that for a lark, leave them where they are, then if they croak,they'll rot down quicker. And it won't cost us any more!

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