The Summer Solstice

So did anyone go to Stonehenge this morning to celebrate?

Just a few pictures of those celebrating it!

Tattooed man celebrating it!

Let's meditate man.

Merlin arrives!

Look at me, I dress like Merlin and I think I'm a wizard. You're a wizard all right ... a wizard's sleeve.
What pictures cannot do justice to is the toxic stench of so many loonies, wierdos and druids congregating in one place.
I used to go past Stonehenge all the time when I was based at Bulford. I only ever visited the stones once in all that time. As a kid I was fascinated with the place.

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Visited for the solstice at dawn in 1980 when the concert was on. We drove straight there from the Mess in Bulford after a rather long black tie dinner (so it must have been a Thursday).
Ah the time of year to have heavy drug users and other assorted bohemian types descend on the Stones to vaguely identify with each other and drink Netto cider.

This is England.

I bet some of those ******* stank like a Grimsby Trawler in a heatwave


No nude girlies dancing? What would the druids think?


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Known a few people into that pagan stuff... they tend to talk a fair bit of balls, much less though than, say, management types. Do less harm as well, some of them whiff a bit it's true, very few though, and armpits aren't that much worse a stink than these buggers who drench themselves in some reeking aftershave.
A303 gets it's busiest day and local plod get to deal with the revelers!

Used to live on the MQ patch just down from Stonehenge when attached to 32RA and it was always fun to see the range of characters legging it across the fields as we were walking the dogs. Sweepstakes on whether "King Arthur" would get nicked again that year.

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If a deranged hippy rabble had attempted to enter the original Stonehenge to celebrate the solstice, the local rulers would probably have killed or enslaved them.

It's a bit like a bunch of new agers cavorting in the ruins of St. Pauls, Westminster, or the Kremlin in a few thousand years time, and expecting to have some kind of mystical enlightening experience. Silly cnuts.

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