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Good Morning Flaggies All

A genuine question for everyone, so pish-takers, walk on please, if you wouldn't mind awfully.

A very much welcomed and entirely unexpected interview is in the offing. So then, just how does a newly minted subbie spend his first few years in the Royal Corps.

Your every word is gold dust.

Over to you.

Old Rat
As an ex OR, and a former instructor in the School that used to take the Troopie's course through Ptarmigan, I'd say the job of a subby in his/her first couple of years is to learn. You'll normally get a troop to command, and you should spend your time listening and learning from the seniors in your troop (and the senior Cpls too). You'll have a good time, you'll learn loads in man management in a different way to civvy street (you tend to do whole life man management, ie personal issues too). If you do it right, you'll come out of it as a well rounded and effective leader. I've had the pleasure of meeting many many young Officers that were absolutely fantastic human beings. I've also met a good few that were absolute plums (including one that was a CO in Germany a couple of years back)

Like Guru says.

A subbie will be parachuted in to a working Troop and will usually be given a very experienced Staffy, and will be pointed in the direction of one or two other SMEs of varying ranks. They will at this point bleed these experts dry of all knowledge. It can be quite amusing as a graduate Lt gets a briefing by a Siggy :D

It isn't unknown for a subby on their first ex to spend it on different dets, rather than in the Tp Comd post. Try to avoid a HQ if you can. Sitting in the complex is mind numbing. 14 Sigs is nice I hear, 21, 22 or maybe 30.

Edit to add.

You'll probably end up organising some AT, Sport and some mess functions too.
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