The Stupid Things Weve Done

I just caught the write-up for a film called 'Adrift'.

"When 6 friends jump off a yacht without lowering a ladder to climb back aboard, it's only a matter of time before the bickering stops and terror takes hold"

.......and they get eaten by big fish with big, sharp pointy teeth.... hopefully!! (A film full of brain dead, very annoying, fecking septic college kids, no doubt with plenty of screaming!).

But it got me thinking, fellow arrsers must have done some pretty bone things in their times.
Joined the Army...
Hoping Scotland would come back from 21-0 down this afternoon...
Gremlin said:
Hoping Wales will beat France??????
Now there's stupid and then there's sheer fantasy.

Signed - a fellow sheep botherer (PS> That wasn't stupid, just ever so slightly illegal)
Took a bet whilst skiing.

"B_C come and do this jump with us its fcuking uber nails and will make you look like Andy McSass infront of all the fit foreign birds"

"OKAY :p"

<We arrived and it was suggested i go first seeing as i hadn't done it yet. Now it was about that time i started thinking what the fcuk am i doing>

Sure enough i went for it

Not only had they not done it themselves they hadn't even looked over the other side of it today. Sure enough the smooth 15 foot drop they expected had melted or been worn down whatever.

The bar stool was 25ft pretty much straight down.

Work the rest out for yourself (I had been skiing less than 24 hours by this point)

Lesson Learnt... Nah
Civvy Shot - I confess I prayed for Ireland to win and handsomely, so I wouldn't have to put up with too much of a flensing from the local Englishry! not so stupid that one as it turned out...
At a doo once for piloty types and said - rather too loudly - when a group of Virgin hosties arrived 'are they here to serve the drinks then' needless to say I went home alone that night. Doh! :(
Like how I'm supposed to be good at reading hinstructions, showing the missus how to use the new Singer sewing machine from the Granthams catalogue; whatever you do, don't put your finer here and put your foot on this...

you guessed it, blood all over the place, Jss fkin H that hurt!

Missus p!ssed herself, me too just remembering it.
Flying into a thunderstorm-against all the good ground advice from a sensible lady. Bless her. Ahhh young dumb and full of come. still here though-so at least nobody died. :numberone:
supporting Ireland....oh no,that wasn't at all stupid tee hee
EAGLE1 said:
Flying into a thunderstorm-against all the good ground advice from a sensible lady. Bless her. Ahhh young dumb and full of come. still here though-so at least nobody died. :numberone:
Carrying SLF or without? Bet they were pleased.

Nothing like a good, hefty Cumulonimbus to induce a good upchuck.
Racing a motorbike at a circuit I had never ridden at before. On the first lap I seemed to be doing well and passing quite a few other riders. The difference was--they were slowing up and THEY got round the next corner
Umm bouncing off my swiss ball head first into my ironing board whilst on the phone...

Licking a spilt drink off my mate's thigh in the middle of the local Indian. She didn't seem to mind but I think the anal mary poppins with a party full of 11 year olds did... What can I say it was christmas night out and we were drunk. Actually that's a moment to look back on and smile with affection rather stupidity, although Nora Batty wouldn't have agreed.

Walking head first into a disabled parking sign, and having a mark on my head for the rest of the night BEFORE I had started drinking...

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