The "Stupid" Sarah Palin Appears to Have Been Right After All

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Not that this is a real surprise but her coining the phrase "death panels" in connection with the debate that was swirling at the time when our Masters were cramming "health care" down the national gullet appears not nearly so outlandish as our Masters and their sycophants in the media wanted to make it appear at the time:

    The American Spectator : Berwick Sets Up Death Panels By Fiat

  2. We tend to use white Fiat Unos to get the job done.
  3. Alas, fiats are not deemed "safe" enough by our Masters to import.
  4. Now now Comrade Jarhead, Big Brother cannot be expected to tolerate and care for and spend its money on the old and infirm who do not vote for the correct party, don't you agree? This is all part of Comrade Obama's plan for a greater USSA, now quieten yourself down before you end up in the Alaskan gulags. :wink:
  5. Why does the same drivel get dredged up by people who seem to not understand the NHS?

    Yes. The NHS practices, what is it again, 'politicised rationing of health care'. Basically we pay for treatment for everyone, but where a drug or treatment is not seen to be particularly effective or the price of it is higher than the benefit received then it is not used. After all we have a finite pot of money to share around ALL.

    This is healthcare. People WILL die. It is inevitable. Newsflash, everyone dies in the end. I am sure we could keep any one person alive indefinitly if we really wanted. But, we're human. We die.

    Now, let us go to the HMO.... they will similarly refuse to pay for certain treatments that they consider is pointless or 'experimental'. People die, or live terrible lives.

    As is said on Micheal Moore* and his 'Sicko' film. The HMOs regard this as denying payment not care, but obviously it is one and the same thing to many. Unless you are truely wonga'd and can pay for the treatment regardless, or step up to the increased insurance payments.

    So who do YOU want deciding what treatments should be used or shouldn't? A government organisation or a profit making organisation which regards paying out to make you well as a 'loss', but you paying your premiums as a 'gain'.

    I love the way the Yanks distrust their government so much :D

    * I don't follow everything that MM says as gospel. One of his books suggested a solution to NI as a RC Chaplain blessing the water coming out of firehoses to Catholicise the Protestants!!! But talking to various lads from across the pond this seems pretty much fact.
  6. Hah! Indeed so. I imagine I am already on several lists so I may as well continue until this "station signs off."
  7. You do give me so much enjoyable humor, especially since it is always laden with irony. You cite the inimitable Michael Moore (although in closing seek to mitigate the reference), who has been exposed as a propagandist who is fast and loose with any factual information just after you characterize other information with which you disagree as "drivel." Very good! Keep up the good work.
  8. A statement on the morality of deciding access to healthcare by administrative panel. Whereas the US Healthcare proposals, as endlessly discusses in this forum, is about end-of-life planning including living wills and voluntary euthanasia.

    What she doesn't do is explain how an unprofitable treatment would be more available to all in the private sector US healthcare system than in the public sector British one. Are anti-cancer drugs really going to be made available by a private company with shareholders to please to a patient who can't afford them? Or is that patient going to be left to die as a result of a bureaucratic decision made by a 'death panel' of businessmen who've decided their bottom line is more important than human life?

    You're right about one thing, though: there are indeed people in the US who will cheerfully distort the truth to further their own political agenda. I wouldn't describe Sarah Palin's agenda as in any way 'progressive', though.
  9. Say what you will. She was vilified for calling the government out on its true intent that it continues to obfuscate. But I should of course not complain as our Masters will of course only act in the interests of the "greater good." I suppose that is why they have exempted themselves and over 100 entities so far (curiously unions and other groups that have shown their willingness to support our Masters) from all or certain aspects of the plan.
  10. Spot on in my view. It is a complete mystery to me why this healthcare reform is causing so much disturbance. Yes, it will cost an awful lot to implement, so maybe thats it, less aircraft carriers for uncle sam. But surely everyone can see the holes in any insurance based scheme. some people are worse risks than others, and the old and infirm poor are the worse risks of all.

    what happens when the human genome is cracked such that an individuals cancer risk is a known factor ? wont that make them totally uninsurable ??
  11. She is a cretin. Thinks the world is only 6000 years old and humans and dinosaurs co-existed. That in itself proves she has the intelligence of a jelly mould. Why would anyone take anything she says about anything seriously?
  12. JJH, your link is very one-sided and it isn't really clear what these "death panels" will actually debate... other than what Sarah Palin's view of them are.

    My opinion of the US Healthcare system isn't based on MM's reports, it's based on having lived in the States for 7+ years, my parents living there for 20 years and my sister for 36 years. My sister had a daughter who was born without thyroid glands and has needed medication all her life. This was fine when my sister was working and was either able to pay into an HMO or got medical benefits with her job, but when she wasn't working, she wasn't able to afford the medication and my niece went without or went to live with my parents who were able to afford the medication. How is that system any better than what is proposed? My father had to wait 5 years until he was virtually crippled before his HMO decided a hip replacement was necessary. How is that any better than what is proposed?
  13. This leaves me curious every time it raises it's head from across the Atlantic: why are you so dead-set against having a government you can vote out make decisions that you're perfectly happy to have made by businessmen that you can't?
  14. I do prefer the free market to a socialist government, yes.
  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In England anyone can register a (dormant) Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare that can be taken up by the designated 'attorney' (nok, relative, friend etc) by application to the Court of Protection, in which you can lay down your own rules for the future in terms of e.g. pain relief. To my mind well worth doing while you still believe you possess a modicum of brainpower. Personally I have no ambition to be a living vegetable.