The stupid question thread!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hallveg, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Ok we've all got one, me I have several.

    So I'll start.

    What fecking trade am I? I used to be an IS OP (not even a very good one). So what am I, am I a Tech now?


    When do you get your second bunch of Ren leave heard a rumour its been sacked? Hope not.

    Now i know I'm setting myself up for all sorts of your crap/stupid/shouldn't be a SNCO etc etc etc, but remember I really dont care! So come on clevererer peeps answer my stupid questions.
  2. You're a soldier, 17 years and take it before 20 years.

    Why did I bother?

    If I remember right (not that long ago) IS Op High band Tech Low Band (At SSgt that is) MOD could get a few savings out of that.
  3. In 5 years time, will there be any TA signal regiments left?
  4. SGRS? Although that's not really a regiment.
  5. Look at your JPA competencies. I bet it probably says Info Sys Engr. They can't update Sys Eng Techs and IS Engrs yet as JPA doesn't yet have rank options for "Comm Sys Engr (I)" and "Comm Sys Engr (T)" which are the caveats that will stay on people's records until they do a conversion course or the new pre-Class 1 course.

    Apparently it's a two second job for a decent DBA - create two new records on the Oracle database. Do a bulk update - all Sys Eng Tech = Comm Sys Engr (T) and so on. Edit a few records for those who have already done the pre-Class 1 or those who did the "SECA" course at Blandford over the last 12 months. EDS or whatever bunch of thieving fraudsters run JPA are demanding £0000s and many months of in-depth programming work to carry it out. No wonder the Army's skint.
  6. A very poor Combat Powerpoint Operator.
  7. From what I have been told Class 1's will not do a conversion course. Our postings over the next 3 years will be in the previous trade. After that we could very well find ourselves posted as a tech and visa versa.

    App Spec is the way ahead :)

    The same trade as you would be now if you were still in hahaha
  8. Guru, your a rotter!

    But still

    Ive got nine years left to beat your getting out rank!
  9. Anyway I cant believe Im the only one with a stupid question or is that the only one with the jacobs to ask.

    by the way did I get an answer that means I dont have to work it out from a cryptic message of you would be's and in 3 years etc etc etc..

    take it no one knows?

    Apart from dwarf, but Im in Naples and JPA is down, always.
  10. Hallveg...

    You are officailly a CS Engr. But you will be handled as IS for the next 3 years as I have previously said. After then they will "Apparently" keep you with in the IS Stream but don't get your hopes up. Once again as I previously said you could find yourself doing a tech job.

    I take it you are not going Foreman Digital then?
  11. I see that some things don't change....

    And you'll probably be a General with the way your trade structure seems to promote people on every Queen's birthday.

    Mind you, to have a real rep, you've got to turn your Warrant down, like real men.... ;-)
  13. I'll do it!.....oh.....sorry.......I missed the word decent in the post! :roll:
  14. It is apparently how foreman IS is being refered to in Blandford. Foreman Analogue for the old obsolete foreman (Tech) and foremand digital for the new better breed..... :p
  15. Guru your rite me spellin is still shyte and I hope your right aboot the Gerral bit,

    My pension will spend the same as yours matey! :D

    So I guessing that no real direction has been pushed out yet on the trade thing or are you all involved in a Corps wide, wah?

    I've, just out of interest, asked a couple of Corps fellas here if they have any idea what trade they are now and no one seems to have a scooby? Best guesses are all I seem to get, terrible really. Think I'm going to start saying RTG because thats the last time I had any idea what trade I was.

    Another question, mainly for Guru;

    What are the speed limit signs for on the tange? Ive tried going that slow but get flashed at by angry locals.