The stunt Goschen

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Crazy_FOO, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. a long long time ago when I was a subby in 1st Regiment we aquired a replica of a painting in the Mess. the painting depicts John Goschen DSO MC and Bar, who was a Rocket troop officer in the NW desert in WWII. The painting was presented by a former chum of his, a retired Brigadier who explained how young Goschen was when he died basically: school fb war. he was killed when the troop ship he was being evacuated on, having been wounded, was sunk. the Mess then decided to give Goschen the youth he had never had and we got a copy of the painting and did a few things: he went to Sandown, had a few pleasant evenings with Norland Nannies and so on. That was in about 1998 I thnk.

    Did the Stunt Goschen have any more adventures with the Livers-In of 1 RHA or has he been forgotten again?
  2. I am told that he has been to dodgy bars in Canada, diving on numerous occasions, seen a few sites around the world and enjoys meeting and dining with new subbies.

    Am sure that he will never be forgotten.

  3. He went free-falling with our lot...

    ...and I also discovered during my dine-in (and what fun that was!) that he didn't like brussel sprouts!
  4. I also understand GBTD that Goschen spent a very fulfilling afternoon in the Church sandwiched between the breats of some wholesome antipodeans!
  5. I was there I ought to know - In fact, I will display the photo once I have taken a few faces out!!!!

  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Not Directly related to this thread at all, but I have in my possession a copy of excerpts from the diary of maj buzzer Haddingham Royal Artillery Mc and bar.

    A real old time war hero, and modest to boot. His Grandaughter was supposed to be getting it published but hasnt got round to it. For anyone that is interested Buzzer spent the post war years working his way up to chairman of slazenger and chairman of the all england LTA. And if there are any folks on here live in or near wimbledon, if you treck down to wimbledon cricket club just infront of the club house right on the boundry line is a plaque under which lie the ashes of "buzzer".

    If anyone one is intersted to know how he got his Mc and his Bar ill happy to share.
  7. About to deploy to Turkey (The lure of Efes is strong) on holiday with her indoors.

    Goschen is safely packed- I will continue to give him "The Life he never had"!

    Look forward to seeing the phots from GBTD- Make sure you black out my face!!!!
  8. Here she is [​IMG]

    - she was rough, mind you ....... Had to delete C_S to protect him!

  9. He looks much better nestled there with GBTD's mate than he did with his googly eyes and drooping cigarette over coffee one day..
  10. He looks much better nestled there with GBTD's mate than he did with his googly eyes and drooping cigarette over coffee one day..
  11. Goschen has also been to bed with a Norland Nanny..... a splendid post coital pic was taken with my disposable camera. This was in about Feb 99.
  12. Along the same lines... does anyone remember the Afghan Defence Minister's visit - from the kebab shop??

    I think it was early on in'98, althought my memory fails me.
  13. A legendary incident. I think you are correct Field Spade - early 98. Were you amongst the protagonists? I arrived shortly after.
  14. A masterpiece wind up: I can't remember all the serials but some were:

    -Defence minister arrives for office call with CO. During entire meeting windows are being cleaned by soldier who was charged by the Co the day before.
    -Trip up to the gun park for a static equipment display- (gun, OPV, DROPs etc)- vehs not parked straight, subby getting AS90 range wrong, McDs wrapper and porn mag in the back of the OPV
    -Goes for a ride in an OPV on the driver training area and veh "breaks down" forcing walk back through ankle deep mud.

    There were lots more- anyone else remember them?
  15. Sadly I was away on the day in question but did assist in planning.

    However my fondest story is the presentation of the 'gift' to The CO in question upon completion of the visit, and said gift being broken over the bar in disgust in a display of complete inability to take a joke..!!

    Cold kebab anyone ?