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I have posted on the RAF and Aviation forums regarding fatigue in aircrew. One response kindly suggested I try the Medical Services so I wonder if anyone has some specialist knowledge on the effect of fatigue generally, fatigue in aircrew specifically?

I am an ex Army Officer now working as a civilian airline pilot. I am also on the council of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), a group that looks after the interests of UK airline pilots. In particular, EASA, the EU body gradually taking over the regulation of civil aviation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, is hell bent on introducing new Flight Time limitations. These are maximum times a crew may work between rest periods. The current provisions are nearly 50 years old and came into being as a result of a fatal accident in Singapore, the cause of which was primarily crew fatigue. Since then, considerable research has fine tuned these regulations.

The EASA propsals simply ignore the inconvenient truth of this scientific approach and the result of this will be long term health issues for crews and worse, a significantly increased risk of fatigue induced accidents and incidents.

Does anybody have expert knowledge, DERA, ETPS, QINETIC etc? The BALPA campaign is focussing on trying to win the scientific argument and for that we need expert opinion. Any information forthcoming will go no further than me without the express permission of the provider and will be deidentified as a matter of course unless the provider wishes to be acknowledged as such.

Many thanks for your consideration.
I had a quick search on pub med (fatigue aircrew) - I got about 60 hits, including four review articles. Not sure if you know anybody who can access the journals, but some of those (depending on your background) might be a good place for you to start.
Interesting subject. Am often amazed by how little is known.
Exactly! Not enough. It is a very wide subject and has all sorts of side alleys!

Apologies for my ignorance but what is pub med? As for my level of expertise etc, I'm a Driver Airframe and my level of knowledge is along the lines of "it gets knackering and when the degree of knackerisation reaches a point where I feel it unsafe I pick up the phone and tell them to get somebody else to do it! Fortuneatley we have a rostering system that limits this but it is built around the current regulations. If ? when the new ones come in it will be but a morning's work to reprogramme the thing to the new limitations.

We are professional pilots and need the respected view of those more knowledgeable than ourselves, hence the request.

Many thanks for responses so far.
Thanks KC, see reply. VM, thanks again, email to follow soon.

KR, Toastie
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