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Plasma electrical theory in cosmology is not exactly new, and there are some interesting ideas in it. I’m a bit surprised, though, that it is bought into by a creationist who thinks the Earth has tunnels all the way through it.

Once again you're making assumptions about me.

Early in my career as a layabout Geologist (94-95 ish) I got a temp job as a Technical Assistant at Bow Valley Petroleum (soon to be taken over by Talisman Energy) when they had an office in Leicester Square opposite the Odeon.

The job entailed QCing their seismic survey database as they had a whopping big underground basement full of old seismic data on paper which they had never had properly catalogued. The job was supposed to be 6 weeks worth of graft but me and my oppo managed to spin it out for a good 6 months before Talisman decided that they were going to shut the Leicester Sq office down and transfer everyone to Aberdoom (cue howls of anguish, weeping, rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth from the entire office).

Anyway, as I said, we managed to spin the job out for 6 months because basically no f*cker upstairs wanted the job as nobody knew what they had, so we basically had the run of the place to ourselves. It also helped that the storage basement was on the other side of Tottenham Court Road in Little Portland Street, it had a single telephone, no PC and everything was done on paper (remember this is 1994-95 and computers were nothing like they are now, even the internet hadn't really got off the ground) and so nobody wanted to spend their time away from the Billy Big-Balls in the head office in case they missed something.

Every day me and my oppo would go into the Leicester Sq office for 9am, find out what the head shed wanted to know then we'd stroll up through Soho in our own sweet time (whilst sampling the delights :wink: of the market and various Italian sandwich shops) and start work about 10.30 ish after a leisurely cuppa and a read of whatever stroke mags we'd purchased on the way.

The database was mostly UKCS with the occasional overseas licence but it stretched WAAAAY back into the early years of the North Sea, in fact they had paper copies of some of the earliest offshore seismic data ever shot there. In contrast to that they also had some of the most bang up to date seismic data I had ever seen, including the most recent JEBCO Seismic proprietary datasets that had just been taken in collaboration with BGS through the Bristol and St George's Channel that my MSc director Prof Derek Blundell had been working on when I was studying under him a few years earlier.

The difference between them was like night and day. I remember taking out some of the seismic lines from the discovery of some of the big fields (Forties / Brent / Ekofisk springs to mind) which were now public domain and basically they looked like someone had taken an oversize mascara brush, dipped it in black paint and then rolled it across a sheet of wallpaper. How the f*ck they picked the horizons on the prospects I don't know but then again in the early days the fields were so big you could hardly miss the reflectors.

The JEBCO datasets were very classified "Top Secret - Eat Before Reading" stuff and were numbered copies with various promises of nasty ways of dying if you took them more than 5ft away from their shelves printed on the front of the catalogue book. When you took the printed transparency sheets out you could see why though, the clarity and resolution was so clear and detailed you could see fart bubbles from the fish and if you looked carefully enough you could also see where the dinosaurs had taken a shit on the deltaic fan lobes 200 million years ago (which were now buried to over 2km depth beneath the sea floor).

Move on 20 years and I'm working as a Drilling Optimisation Analyst at Halliburton under contract to BG Exploration in Reading. Their Seismic and Drilling Exploration teams have use of a 4-D Virtual Reality simulator which allows you to put on a set of VR goggles and special gloves then you can stand in the VR space and walk through the field's subsurface shot lines in 3-D to view any potential targets and the producing reservoirs, then wind the field back through time (4-D) using data sets taken in previous years to see how the field has depleted since it was first discovered. Every bit of data from the seismic, LWD (Logging while Drilling), wireline and production databases is combined and extrapolated to give the exploration and production teams as much information as they can possibly need to find the pay zones or monitor the reservoirs. Working in the VR workspace was like the scenes from Minority Report where Tom Cruise is checking through the holographic memory screens looking for clues to the murder. The onsite VR processing computer looked like HAL 9000's bigger brother - on steroids.

(Edited for grammar and to reduce jargon).

For those of you who would like pictures for a (very) simple explanation

Pic 1 / 2 - Offshore and Onshore seismic surveying (Think sonar through water / rock - Ping-Ah, Ping-Ah!), the reflected shock wave vibrations from all the subsurface horizons and structures are recorded by the hydrophones at sea / geophones on land (basically very sensitive microphones).

View attachment 624505View attachment 624506

The recording of the vibrations (shown as the film record in the second picture) is then combined and processed several times through various mathamatik, mathimitik, magical computations to give a shot line which is basically a 2-D slice through the subsurface rock strata (pic 3).

View attachment 624510View attachment 624511

Buried geological structures are then extrapolated from the reflectors / interpreted horizons (pic 4) and examined for any "bright" reflections (pic 5) which may contain oil and gas.

The shot line can then be combined with other shot lines to give a 3-D view (Pic 6 / 7 / 8

View attachment 624512View attachment 624513View attachment 624514View attachment 624515

With the addition of real time data recorded whilst drilling (LWD) and wireline data recorded after the well has been completed (see vertical coloured lines - pic 9) the interpreted seismic data can be "tied" to drilling data at known depths thus confirming the actual geology and the outline of any stuctural highs where oil and gas might be found (pic 10 / pic 11)

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