The Structural Reform Plan

The Prime Minister in an address to the Civil Service has set out the Government's plan for the way in which the country is to be run during the lifetime of the coalition government. It couldnt be more different than what we have been used to.

This is accompanied by the publication of a number of structural reform plans for each government department.

Pretty inspiring stuff.

In relation to what has been said by the Prime Minister and published by the Governmet, I was wondering, are you a 'Cassandra' or a 'Pollyanna' as to what can be achieved or is achievable within the lifetime of the government?

What advice do you have for the government?
So are we, the public, the police of these Reforms?!

It will be interesting to see how Departments perform, and if there are penalties for failing to meet the deadlines.

Can't wait for the Defence Reform Plan!!

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