The stress of betting!

Ahh well after the weekends grand national, and having a little extra cash this month I decided to put some money into my paddypower account, not alot and no more than Im prepared to lose....

I check out the live betting and see Swindon and Exeter are having a match...

20p on a draw at 12/7 (big money :D) ... then Exeter score

Quickly put another 50p on Exeter win at 11/10

Then decide.. in for a penny in for a pound.. £5 on exeter to win, they manage to keep it at 1-0 all the way to 94 minutes then they score an own goal!

I win some pennies:(

Betting is a mugs game.
As someone who works for William Hill I can tell you that gambling is definitely a waste of time and money. You wont believe the profits we make!
I prefer alcohol, smoking and sport f.U.c>king

At least you get a proper buzz

PS I won 30 snots on the national

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