The Street That Cut Everything

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stacker1, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Is anyone else watching this?
    BBC - BBC One Programmes - The Street That Cut Everything, Episode 1

    Basically, the BBC arrange for all the council services to stop (Bar schools and emergency services) and refund a street 6 weeks worths of council tax and tell them to get on with it.

    It might stop people whinging about the cuts after watching that. Its not as easy as they thought it was.
  2. I watched it but it won't stop me moaning about my local council, the moment they found out they'd to make loads of cuts they celebrated buying loads of new lorries and vans. The bin men deposit my emptied bin just outside Argentina, the grit in winter would just be enough to season a steak and they aren't very good at cutting grass.
  3. I liked the way they turned on the single mother. It shows how people don't care until they can visably see the money being taken from them.
    Who runs your council?
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Bunch of whining tosspots who should have been made to watch Passport to Pimlico. The fridges should have been dumped on the steps of the BBC, because they biked them in. Should have setup a watch after the grafitti incident and somebody should have tripped up whilst transporting a gallon of petrol and a lighted candle past those little ******* who turned up at 1.00am with their Phat Choonz.

    If they had hung the BBC crew from a lamp post they could have invaded the next street, nicked their stuff and flogged it on eBay, bought an air force with the cash then done Poland.

  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A nice timely reminder from the BBC and Labour what will happen if we let that evil George Osbourne and the Tories cut everything
    Vote Labour or face having fridges dumped outside your house
    Vote Labour or binmen will have to drive round in 5 year old wagons and work all day instead of knocking off at 12:00 ad getting paid for the rest of the day anyway
    Vote Labour or the long term unemployed will have to get off their arse and clean their own graffetti
    Vote Labour and bloame Thatcher she shut t'pit don't ya know
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  6. The most obvious flaw in the program (to my jaded eye) was the complete lack of reference to "economies of scale". When you're a council, with thousands of streets to watch over, it makes economic sense to invest in large machines - which on a "per street" basis represent good value. Attempting to model the effect of cuts by selecting just ONE street obviously precludes the purchase of a "one street sized" rubbish lorry for example. There ARE some things that are better run as "social enterprises", and others that aren't.... just as there are "natural monopolies" best run as not-for-profit government agencies. The Honourable East India company got its start in life by acting like a latter-day Halliburton, offering to take on the running of Indian princedoms more efficiently. They ran into trouble during a major famine. Governments can afford to keep lots of reserves unprofitably idle. Private enterprise sees that as "wasteful inefficiency", sells it off... and then distributes the profit from the sale among its shareholders. Discovering, ten years later, that you really NEED those reserves, or people are going to DIE results in... people dying.
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  7. I didn't watch it so you'll have to enlighten me as to what the other 46 weeks of council tax went on. It sounds as though they were still being stiffed for subsidising services used by other streets, welfare groups, council staff etc. Or maybe the programme was selective in which services were denied to the street? (e.g. libraries, leisure centres, parks etc.)
  8. I'd like to see my tax split down to see where it goes. I'd love to see how much I pay to support the lazy and the asylum seekers. I'd love to be able to opt out of paying for them.
    My council is 'run' by Labour councillors and they are useless.
  9. So, not content with making everyone pay a television tax, now the BBC want people to make their programmes for them too...

    I hope they got paid hansomely for taking the trouble to do this. After all, the BBC used to do this sort of thing in documentaries and panarama type programmes. Funded by the "license" payer.
  10. The cost that annoys me most is that of translation services. It's something that I'll never get to use but I'm expected to subsidise it. It's particularly annoying when you consider that night school classes for "ESOL" are free while other classes are beyond the financial ability of anyone who isn't on benefits.
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  11. If the Councils cut services and the work force is subsequently reduced, then the leaders should have reduced salaries to reflect this situation and mirrored in their expenses and a cap on such things as hotel rooms at £55.00 per night rather than the £605 currently being enjoyed by some who are currently serving in local government.
  12. Why do they need hotel rooms? Haven't they got houses?
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I would assume that the 6 weeks they were refunded/recompensed were commensurate with the period of time over which the "experiment" is run.

    They get 6 weeks of tax back for the 6 weeks without the services that the Council is supposed to supply.

    Whether or not this recompense/refund came from the Council or the BBC is another question altogether?

    It may be the case that the Council kept the full 52 weeks CT that the residents paid and the monies came from BBC coffers.
  14. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Councillors will always cut services before they even dream of cutting their own perks, expense accounts or salaries.
  15. I'd rather not pay for ESOL either. I'd like to not pay for anyone who is lazy or shouldn't be in the country at all. I can't say i'm impressed yet with our new govt. I despise the local council.