The Street, BBC1 27Jul09 21:00

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by spaz, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Just seen an ad for an episode featuring a PTSD suffering disfigured ex soldier.


    I think the Sheriff of Nottingham had something to do with it.

    I had a search for it but couldn't see that it had been done before, I imagine it will be a crock of shite but you never know.
  2. I might be wrong but I think this is the 3rd episode of this series and although I don't normallly watch anything that's likely to give me either nightmares or a hard-on at that time of night, I'm captivated by it. Good acting, good story lines and Anna Friel could suck my stump if she wanted. I know what I'll be doing tonight.
  3. Yes it is, I'd not heard of it before I saw the ad.
  4. its usually very good
    the missus'll sky+ it anyway
    so i'll watch it later tonight
  5. Watched the last two episodes and found both very good.
  6. I only caught bits of it but it was nice to see that they had got some good references to killing babies in there.
  7. Quite a good drama I thought, at least it raises the issues of PTSD and the sacrifices that injured soldiers make given that they news only really reports on the deaths. The killing babies ref. is the opening scene where he can't shoot the suicide bomber as she's holding her baby (just shoot, the kids gonna get it anyway!).

    One thing, he admits to his mate that he joined the army to get the chance to slot someone, I've heard that before in a documentary. How many really join for that reason ?!!

    Worth a watch anyway.
  8. Watched some, some good stuff, but sadly the usuual BBC PC spin which spoiled what could have been a decent storyline.

    The helpline at the end doesn't absolve you of your responsibility.
  9. Saw the same type of thing since I rememmber.Read it in All quiet on the western front.Why put it on TV when nobody really REALLY watches or understands.If you are not that person you dont understand even if you were next to that bloke when something happened.Am I wrong in this.
  10. It's on for entertainment mate, not psychoanalysis.
  11. well of course no one can understand but surely the writer hopes people may in some small way gain a little understanding of and therefore sympathy for sevice personnel - I think it was a worthwhile drama
  12. Rather watch Star Trek for entertainment thanks.Seeing that wasnt entertainment.
  13. No it wasn't , it was a couple of valid points used as a vehicle for the beeb to be right on and PC... hence the muslim taxi driver.. when in reality the Zakat from his takings would have been used to pay for more suicide bombs.. but then again what do I know?
  14. sorry got to go,first born wants MY laptop
  15. Were you forced to watch it a gun point...or are you just a moaning faced c*nt?