The Strange Death of Europe.

It's now officially started here on GMB this morning with some Tart called Afuah Hirsch wants the English to be redefined cos she can't call herself English. I nearly spat me tea. Quite clearly she understands nothing of English history, but apparently she backs the English football team. It's like EM wants to put the mockers on us.
She was the woman not long ago demanding Nelson's Column be pulled down (coincidentally timing with the release of her new book...)
Typical hand-wringing champagne socialist, Oxford graduate, barrister, journalist for the Guardian.
Quite happy to belong to some of the great British institutions at the same time feigning shame that she is.

To be fair her ancestry is all over the place so I'm not surprised she wants to claim some sort of different heritage.
Afua Hirsch - Wikipedia
It's a belting, must-read book. It's sort of a vindication of Pat Buchanan's Death Of The West which was written pre-9/11 and concentrated mostly on falling birth rates amongst the white middle classes... and obviously didn't take into account Deutschland's immigration on afterburner project. It's thus out-of-date somewhat (though still very readable).

Murray's work, however, is bang up-to-date and is utterly terrifying. I'm not entirely sure what scares me the most: the auslandern or the ocean-going, nuclear-powered, weapons-grade, industrial-strength fucktardery practiced by European politicos who are consigning a prosperous, Western civilised society to the same scrap bin as the Romans and Aztecs.

This book should be compulsory reading.

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