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I saw the play on Saturday in London, it was simply sensational, now I can watch the movie.


Been wanting to see the West End production since the summer, evidently more watchable and atmospheric than the big screen production.
Due in part, reports say, to the puppetry and theatrical magic, not usually available on screen.The film is just okay, the story's a basic
premise, adventure, boy and horse/boy and pet. But the movie star horse has a bit of Lassie in there somehow.

The book's been out for a while. And it's just a short story, or they crammed a lot in to one small book. could write a story about the First World War through the eyes of a horse, let the horse tell the story, and let the story of the war come through the soldiers: British soldiers first of all, then German soldiers, then a French family with whom the horse spends winters, and that maybe youÂ’ll then get a universal idea of the suffering of the First World War. So in a way I just took a gamble and went for it, and then wrote like a horse for about six months. Author Morpurgo also thanks three men in the dedication of the book, naming them as Albert Weeks, Wilfred Ellis and Captain Budgett.
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I have a copy of Michael Morpurgo's book if you want to take a peek.

From the Mail link :

Is it suitable for Arrse ? It is written from the horse's perspective. You might ask one of our tame Battlefield Guides who has knowledge of the last use of cavalry in 1914 to give a view.
FWIW the military advisers to the film included two people quite well known to several ARRSE Denizens. The military adivrs were David Kenyon (whose Phd Thesis was on cal;varty on the Western front) and Andy Robertshaw curator of the RLC Museum.
War Horse (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
War Horse heads to English Heritage Festival of History for dramatic World War I trench recreation | Culture24
I saw the film today and enjoyed it very much. Of course it's a dramatisation of a kid's book, not a documentary, so if you're the sort to sit there huffing and puffing about historical inaccuracy, best give it a miss. If you can suspend disbelief for a couple of hours, it's a good yarn.

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