The Stone Cutters - "We doooo"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. For those of you who haven't a clue


    In other threads we've heard about how members of Arrse run semi successful companys, hold fairly High ranks within the army and other services, are Serving Police officers and I dare say we have a few resident Journo's.

    Why aren't we abusing this by creating a "semi" secret society?

    You know, wearing arrse socks and having the 'Holy Mark of Naafi' (Tattoo of a fat bird) on your neck/forearm/nose.

    This way you can be identified by the arrsers who can give you discount or let you off with a speeding fine. Instead of the ruperts and their masons gag having us off we could be the ones doing the having off.

    Think of the perks. Your about to get spammed with 10 extra's for parking a warrior in the adjt's reserved spot. Instead the adjt has a nasty 'fall' down some stairs and no longer needs his spot, therefore voiding your crime (okay sh1t example).

    So who's up for it. Naturally I have fcuk all to offer I just want to accept the rewards of being a member. :D
  2. Good call, i can give out free samples of my hair replacement potion to fellow slap heeeed Arrser's
  3. Hello Bad_Crow,

    important question,will Minister_Dough_Nut have responsibility for inventing the secret handshake?

  4. Im in. Free cheesecakes and Guinness for fellow arrsers. I want to be no. 3 - chief in comand. 8)

  5. A man after my own heart! Fraternal greetings, Brother! :twisted:
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer


    Theres no F in discount, all right?

    That said, I'm on the square and the widows wassname goes west. Or east. Straights.
  7. MDN can work with our resident communist Sven in order to test out suitable handshakes.

    We could also offer cheap earthquake relief

  8. On the "Cant offer fcuk all to this but want the free Guinness truck" that I heard, im in.
    Well it sounded like a Guinness truck rolling past me house anyway. Was Earthquack.
  9. Bagsy Grand Pubar.

    I'll also volunteer to collect the subs, £10 a week from all arrsers.

    I hope you all appreciate this work i'm prepared to put in.
  10. Bagsy Grand Pubar.

    I'll also volunteer to collect the subs, £10 a week from all arrsers.

    I hope you all appreciate this work i'm prepared to put in.
  11. Isn't the 'hand'shake something to do with kneeling down blindfold with a mouthfull of freezespray? Or was I dreaming of MDN again?
  12. Would we all fit in MDN's dungeon for the initiation cermony?
  13. Can we have goats & pierced left nipples so we can "show me thy good left breast"? :wink:
  14. Is that goatees & pierced nips? or

    GOATS with pierced nips?

    And do you have to take the goat with you everywhere, just incase you are required to show left breast, or is it solely for meetings?
  15. For "special initiation meetings" only. & you'd have to have your pinny with you too. 8O