The Stig Unmasked - yet again!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by trademarklondon, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Daily Mail is reporting the Stig unmasked again and is naming him.... this guy's been named before... do we believe it this time? Will be a bad day if it's true... why can't folks let things be sometimes?

  2. Don't know where the Mail is coming from. Its hardly new news. His ID was revealed during the H&SE investigation following Hammonds crash a few years ago. He was named as a consulant on the show in the findings. The Schumacher stunt was just that.....& only because the Fezza FXX he owns was usd on track.
  3. If he releases his autobiography then they'll just fire him off of an aircraft carrier again and we'll either get a new stig or Ben Collins will just wear a new colour
  4. Fcuk my secret is out!
  5. Who cares about the Stig's real identity? The whole point of his existence is for comedy purposes. I'd rather not know who the Stig is to be perfectly honest.
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    I and the mods am bored of moving toss threads like this. Please post in a forum that's vaguely relevant.
  7. I know who the Stig is as he works with and he is a friend of my daughter.
  8. Some say he used to be a driver for Formula 3000 and he was once named before in a Daily Mail article... ooh -- about a year ago. :p

    Personally I don't care about the Stig's identity. All we need to know is he's a good driver, doesn't speak (which is better than Clarkson) and is probably richer than the three put together. You don't see Richard Hammond bubblebath do you?
  9. Would Daily Mail stories not be better in the recycle bin?
  10. LOL, you think the Stig brand belongs to the man in the helmet.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The TG Brand belongs to Clarkson, Andy Willman the producer and the BBC it's supposed to be the BBC's best exported show

    Collins is one of the Stigs apparently alot of the Car buliders put there own man in them hence Shumaker in the Ferrari and when they stuffed the Konningsberg into the tyres the advice was that it needed a spolier at the back
    Koningsberg followed that not because a formula 2000 driver told them but it was there own test driver in the suit

    Allegadly it's one of teh reasons you don't see him stood by the cars unless is strictly a TG stunt and Collins is used
    Collins is supposed to be on a fee of £5000 - £10000 per show not bad work if you can get it
    Funny last week he's reported to be arguing for more dosh and now he's officially revealed
    We all know what happened last time that Stig 1 "came out"

    Collins has appeared as Stig and as himself on the show
    YouTube - BEN COLLINS 2nd officially appear on top gear The real Stig
  12. Ben Collins was "outed" as the Stig on here a long time ago. It was made public in the Hammond crash, as they had to disclose all to the enquiry. Very old news.
  13. He also drove the Mercedes soft top when they parachuted a bloke into a moving car, and one of the Toyota Aygo's when they played five-a-side footy with them.

    Another reason they cover them up is so that when Ben is unavailable due to race commitments, they just stick another racing driver in the car. It helps with continuity.

    I worked with him once. Nice chap, I leant him a book on WWI trench warfare. I didn't realise who he was until the end of the job (Promo shoot for Range Rover) when one of the crew told me. When I said I didn't realise, he looked at me like i was an idiot...
  14. 'LOL' No, I don't. I'm not that stupid.

    I was saying he's a rich, rich man for taking the role as the Stig. And then, meaning he's probably more popular than the three presenters, added my final comment.
  15. On the few occasions that I have had the misfortune to stumble upon Top Gear on the minority channels the end bit;where the audience stands around,Clarkson slags the French,Hammond behaves like a schoolboy who's got away withe the bestest capers and japes ever and May is like a bewildered 60 year old in a rave, always reminds me of Tory party conferences when Maggie was in charge.