"The Stig" named

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by IndianaDel, Sep 3, 2010.

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  1. I did not see this mentioned elsewhere, but the biggest news I have come across today is that the true identity of "The Stig" has been revealed after a court case.
    It would seem hat it is no other than that World Famous driver Ben Collins (WHO TF is he????)

    And The Stig is . . . . . . BBC loses court fight | Perth Now

    Did everyone else have his name tripping off the tip of their tongue even before this was revealed?????
  2. I've got to say, I'm a little disappointed. Not because I know who this dude is, but because the Stig now has a name and a face. I read Jeremy Clarkson's opinion on the matter, and thought he made a pretty good point on why nobody wanted to know who the Stig was. So much for non disclosure agreements.

    Do you think this means they'll kill white stig off?
  3. Not quite "tripping off me tongue", but I have known his ID for some time because he is insured by the TV company with the insurance company my son in law works for.
  4. "tripping off the tongue" if you include all the previous threads on here about the stig's identity. think i posted it was ben collins back in about 2007, but can't be arsed searching for the thread. some ITK guy in NZ outed him years ago, not realising it was a state secret :)
  5. Ah, but is Herr Collins REALLY the Stig.............
  6. yup........
  7. I dont give a flying Falkirk who the stig is, its a feature on a specialist TV programme for car-geeks that only appears on minority and satellite channels,for flip's sake.

    Someone will now tell me that by taking part on this thread I DO give a damn.

    I dont,my dear.
  8. Well he is one of them yes....
  9. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Please note the aim/subtitle of Current Affairs (I just moved this):

    "Politics, Current Affairs, Geo-Political Analysis. For Daily Mail stories please use The Int Cell!"

    The stig although the subject of more threads on here in recent weeks that any other subject, does not come under this.
  10. Correct. There have been a couple. I shot a 'behind the scenes' thing with Clarkson a few years back. A part of the shoot was filmed at a drag-strip in Long Marston and involved the Stig character. The driver was definitely not Ben.
  11. I can. :pl:

    A big cake with a cherry on top for CR.


    TBH you could have any name and everyone would have ignored you anyway.
  12. ah yes, there it is. damon hill my arrse :)
  13. Sorry that was my bad, not done deliberately.
  14. Probably Phil....