The Stig, Loyalty and Contracts

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Whet, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. So the Stig has sold himself and his loyalty for a few shekels. Personally I thought that he could have made much more by doing a McNab and selling the anonymity bit, but there you go.

    However this goes right to the heart of British Society today, selling everything and everyone for a quick buck.

    And never mind contracts signed.
  2. why though! i don't care who he is and i doubt the mysteries of his identity is on the lips of every top gear fan like myself. he's a guy who can drive the shit out of any car and nothing more he should have just kept to the deal. now everytime i watch i'm gonna know who he is when i would rather just not know. or he could have written a book without giving away his identity if it means being disloyal. probably wants attention.
  3. This is a complete non-story....

    The identity of The Stig has been known for ages... at the very least since Hammonds crash in that jet-powered car a few years ago.

    The Stig/Ben Collins was involved in the inquiry after wards and was named in the published legal papers... they did not refer to him as "The Stig".

    Anyone that has been duped by the BBC's continued games and the silly anonymity line of play either lives in a cave, is brain-dead, or has no interest in cars/Top Gear.
  4. He was earning about £20k a show, sounds a lot (and is) but his colleagues earn much more £millions trading on their names, he just wanted a slice of the action.
    Can't help thinking he will now get the sack and will be known as the fella who was the Stig, opening carparks and supermarkets from now on. Whilst a "new" Stig (theres' a whole plethora of colours he could be!) will go on to earn £30k a show but with even more clauses on his contract.
  5. Not at the level he was racing, they might be well off while young but definitely not millionaires.
  6. When I said colleagues I mean Messers Clarkson, May & Hammond.

  7. He's not doing the same job as them though is he?

    He wears a crash helmet and never speaks so he's not exactly presenting.He could be anyone who's been a proffesional racing driver.
  8. Sentiments echoed. Look at Tory B-Liar and his new book, brought out just as voting for the new party leader commences. He leaves a right old mess for Brown to sort out and then criticises him for not following the outrageously dim-sighted plans that aligned 'New Labour' with the Tories.

    If there's money to be made, the politicians and bankers will be on it like stink on rice.
  9. Well no-one ever saw Frank Sidebottom's face either!
  10. That's abit before my time. ;)
  11. OK so Ben Collins was The Stig.

    But when did he stop being The Stig? Why?

    Perhaps he just thought he had better things to do than continue pratting about in costume at the behest of Top Gear.

    collins autosport
  12. Maybe he posts on here being an ex-squaddie.

  13. Or ex-"them" ;)
  14. Artists or the others, can't remember who I was talking to.
  15. So if he's ex mob anyone on here know/knew of him?