The STIG is named

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this has been done yet.

    BBC Top Gear's American arm accidently listed 'The Stigs' real name on the credits for a programme.

    For years the driver has remained a Top Gear Trade Secret. Apparently his employment contract has a clause that says that if his name becomes public knowledge, his contract will be terminated.....

    Meet - The Stig

    Various other reports about his face being recognised in a photo.
    Nothing on the programs web site to confirm this security breech, yet...!
  2. That's a shame - the Stig should never have been known. Useless septics - if the source of the leak is confirmed.
  3. Thats why you dont tell the Yanks anything :)

    Poor Stiggy
  4. And now you've just told everyone, nice one. D*ck.
  5. Is it really him though? I heard he was an ex Salvation Army Response driver.
  6. My source was a simple national radio station. but like i said, can't find any confirmation on the Top Gear web site. Could be a smoke screen, or it could just be all a load of bollox to drum up he ratings..

    Will probably have to wait till next sundays episode for more int...
  7. That is certainly NOT him, I know.........
  8. Its not really been a massive secret to be honest. Unofficially, its been known that Ben Collins has been The Stig for the past few series.

    I was The Stig for the first couple though but keep that under your hat. :wink:
  9. Thanks for keeping my PERSEC mate - Its appreciated!
  10. If you're talking about me, like is said, it was on a National Radio Station on Sunday morning. So maybe you were just the last to hear it....
  11. OOOOH if it is true think of clarksons scorne for the yanks. The nasty things he will say is going to be great to watch!!
  12. Persec is getting bloody slack on this site at the moment, get it sorted!
  13. No, I was just hungover on Sunday morning.
  14. "First on the Balcony as well" You're the man.....
  15. Anyway, this post won't stay on here for long as the Mods appear to be deleting anything that's in the national interest..... :!: