The Steadfast Trust - A Charity For The Ethnic English

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Fyrdsman, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. In a world full of madness you do come across the occasional bit of good news. This is a new charity and is the first charity registered by the charities commission to work on behalf of the indiginous English - good on em.
  2. I'm surprised it has'nt already been banned, after all it's only for the English, I notice in FAQ they had to answer a question 'is this racist,' after all they don't have a big jolly fellow of dark hue on the cover of their website, something that we are used to seeing on all those government websites. But is there a need for it? :?
  3. The "indigenous English" as a race, do not exist Fyrdsman, and I'd love to hear you explain English ethnicity. You are a xenophobic tool.
  4. You are the tool my friend because you speak about things that you are ingnorant of. The Ethnic English people are recognised in law and they will be recognised on the new census form. Just because the laws that have been put in place to protect people from discrimination are routinely flouted whe it comes to the English people it does not mean that those people do not exist.

    There are many different groups of people who live on these islands some are afro-caribean, some polish, some irish, some asian - the list goes on. There are 10's of 1000's of groups and organisations that exist to promote the welfare and interests of these groups with a budget that stretches into the 100's of millions. There is another group of people who have no one looking after their specific interests and they are the people who call themselves the English - nothing else - just English. It is certainly not considered extreme or even political when someone who is asian takes an interest in the welfare of ther own community so why should the English be subject to double standards. It is only the English people who have not been encouraged to look at themselves as a community with their own culture and heritage. Why is it that diversity seems to be such a PC word until an Englishman stands up and says that he is also part of that diversity. Just because you have a huge hang up about it (oh I don't want to offend anyone) and do not see your self as being part of that community, that is fine but you shouldn't vilify people who do.

    Presumably you don't have a problem with a charity trying to help others. If your only problem with the charity is the ethnicity of the people they are trying to help then maybe you should take a look at your own predjudices before you start accusing others.
  5. I'm sure that Morgan Freeman calls himself an American, and is legally recognised as an American, but the indigenous people of the Americas are not black.
    I know precisely what you mean, but I repeat, there are no indigenous English.
    You are confusing politics with anthropology.
  6. So if all it takes is someone to call themselves English, I take it you'll also be assisting those Afro-Carribean, Polish, Irish, Asian etc. that do just that?
  7. Does the page translate into Polish??? :lol:
  8. The indiginous English, the ethnic English you know exactly who I mean. If you want to use such terms as afro-caribean English or asian-English - that is fine. Then this charity is for the English-English.

    It is only ever the English who have their identity questioned - I wonder why that is. If you want to get technical about it, how would you define someone to be a member of the afro-caribean community. If I had a grandparent who was afro-caribean does that mean that any of the hundreds of housing associations set up specifically for that particular community would be willing to help me or my children. What about if I had 2 great-granparents - would that be enough for me to qualify? These are questions that can be asked of anyone but it is only the English who are ever subject to it because it is only the English who have been conditioned to think of theself in such a derogatry manner.
  9. No because by definition according what you have just said they would be Afro-Caribean, Polish or Irish. They can all have an English National Identity (something that is recognised on the new census form) but their ethnicity would not change - it would be Afro-caribean, Irish etc.

    Why are you so hung about this - many of these people would not dream of of calling themselves English - they have there own heritage of which they should be proud. I saw Chamri Chakrabarti (from Liberty) interviewed on tv by David Starky who asked her if she was English to which she replied that she certainly wasn't - she was British and she saw English as being more "INDIGINOUS". Lord Ahmed, the Labour Peer was sat next to her and he said exactly the same. Are they also such bad people? You are the one hung about it my friend, you are seeing problems where they really don't exist.
  10. What about a proud Cornishman who upon researching his family tree discovers that his great, great etc grandfather was a shipwrecked Spanish sailor from the armada of 1588. Oooo, a taint of Moorish blood, lets ship him back to Africa.
  11. Having the deep joy of having to contact RSLs (Housing Associations) as an occasional chore in my working life could you point me to a list of 'hundreds' of race specific agencies? I'm only asking because

    1. I don't think you 'know' of their existence you've been 'told'
    2. You don't question what you've been told
    3. I want to see if there is anything for us Herrenvolk

    Random lyric lines
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Well said, Sandman.

    My nationality is Scottish/British but I'd never dream of claiming to be 'ethnically Scots/British' or 'indigenously Scots/British'

    In fact my surname rather points against it being as it is derived from German.
  13. Does your shift key only work with the letter 'e' or do these lesser 'races' not require a capital?
  14. I think the basic problem you’re going to have here is that despite the BBC stereotype most ex and serving British forces don’t buy the white supremacist line you’re pushing Fyrdsman

    Most of us have some degree of minority ethnicity somewhere along the line (just like most ‘British’) so the appeal of a pure white English master-race is a bit farcical – who’d you rather have as a role model, Pte Berry VC or a NF skinhead up on assault charges?

    Most of us have grown up to the point where we don’t give a toss who we end up ‘stagging on’ with as long as they are good blokes/birds and remember to make the brews

    HM’s Gun club, sailing regatta and Flyboys have been a cosmopolitan bunch for years, you’d be surprised where we round-up people from.

    Aaagh as I’m too polite, will some rough squadie please tell the Pimf to feck off?