The Statesman is he one of us?

Kick-Ass style hero comes to UK | The Sun |News

THIS mysterious masked figure is The Statesman - the UK's very own superhero.
Looking like a character straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster the vigilante spends his evenings battling baddies on the streets of Birmingham.

And incredibly the anonymous crusader — who is a banker by day — claims he is part of a larger network of FOUR UK crime-fighters who team up to combat injustice.

Wearing a black mask, utility belt and Union Jack top, the former TA soldier uses skills he learnt in the forces and 14-years of boxing experience to keep the streets safe.
Is he one of our own?

Brum it's not Wedge is it?


My money's on Western. Pissed off with plods inability to do the job right he's cracked and is taking matters into his own hands.
No mate far better looking and slimmer than that and I have far better things to do with my time.

But you are right, I could do your job tied up in a holdall, however being a real policeman, that would be a challenge for us both. :)

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