the ''state shouldn't support'' large families

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. It isn't the size per se of the family that is the issue. It is where somebody, who has no other means of support bar the state sets out wilfully to generate a large family.

    Some left wing knobber waso n the radio this morning decrying the Tory point of view. His point was that people were claiming their "insurance" rights when claiming benefits. Well yes, all well and good. If I claim for sixteen burglaries though I would anticipate my insurance premium to adjust dramatically upwards...
  2. Right now, I'd forgotten who;d posted it. :D
  3. I like this concept of insurance... where can I get car insurance that I don't have to pay into and I can choose to get a payout from whenever I choose?

    File under "lefties have a few screws loose and don't understand how these things work".
  4. Was that the same loon who appeared on Jeremy Vine's programme and claimed it was quite fair for an un-married mum of many to claim £7,000+ per month in housing benefit because cleaners and the like on minimum wage should be entitled to live in Knightsbridge and Kensington if they wanted to?

    Clue-less the lot of them! The sooner we have soup kitchens, food vouchers, compulsory adoption and sterilisation the better
  5. Hasn't that been tried? It was called the Victorian era. Seems that History really does teach some nothing at all.
  6. Surely, to claim "insurance" rights, you have to have been paying into the pot in the first place, a lot of these scrotes wouldn't know a days work and NI contribution if it bit them on the arrse.
  7. "Hasn't that been tried? It was called the Victorian era. Seems that History really does teach some nothing at all. "

    Yes it has - and at the time we were the most powerful nation on earth, economically strong and with a clear sense of values and purpose. Personally I'd quite happily go back to the Victorian era - let the chav scum suffer and ensure that those of us who actually want to contribute to society, work for a living and make something of ourselves and our nations get the rewards.

    Bring back the two tier society - worked bloody well in my opinion.
  8. No doubt Papa Ratzinger will put his tuppence worth in.
  9. It makes a good sound byte and I would love to see a great deal more responsibility thrust upon some of the ungrateful dross who blight our society, but how's it going to work in practice? A lot of large families on benefits exist because the parents are too thick or too idle to use contraception, so what next? Forced abortions? Forced sterilizations? Just ignore the problem? They should underscore the benefits cap with new legislation which criminalizes irresponsible promiscuity and puts some of these idiots on the streets sweeping up or litter picking with their faces dyed bright red for the period of their punishment. They wouldn't have so much time, freedom or inclination to breed like rabbits then.
  10. Bloody liberal!
  11. It's quite simple really.

    People have to live within their means without massive support from the state. If this means going and getting a job, then off you pop to the job centre. If this means not having children, off you pop to the clinic for FREE condoms. Idleness should not be rewarded.

    Some people whinge that the Tories are going to be the party of the middle classes and rich. But when it is those people who pay the bulk of the tax and in effect pay for the welfare state, who can blame the government for pandering to them a bit?
  12. You mean this lot then, (apologies for the scum link).....

    ‘Breadline’ mum got 60-inch telly on benefits | The Sun |Features
  13. Well many of them seem on their way to bright red faces with the combination of fake tan orange and lobster red sunbed glow.

    And Llech - in the good old Victorian era, your valley would have all been quite happy down the pit.
  14. Yes and singing in the Chapel choir, how green was my valley?:)