The State of the nation?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TurboThreaders, Jun 21, 2006.

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  2. Set up a new 'Standards Unit' who will operate covertly disguised as a TV crew asking dumb looking orange people questions like this. If they fail to answer correctly then they have to do a 'forefit'. Failure to comply will result in a severe slapping. Repeated failures will result in one way flight to America where they can be amongst like minded people!

    Or alternitavely we can just call them all cnuts and get on with it.
  3. Surely you'd send them to Scotland and Wales.
  4. I'd prefer a few time zones and one ocean between these cnuts and me.
  5. Surely a wall would do?
  6. Good point, I never thought of it that way. Then why don't we just relocate Scotland and Wales in Siberia or Greenland? The land left over could make way for more prisons and immigration holding posts.

    Sorry, I'm going a bit off thread already. I feel an O2 Thief/troll tag heading my way.
  7. Yeah, one made from barbed-wire and kinives.
  8. So it took you nearly six days to think up that comment? :)
  9. Lol what can i say. :D
  10. At times like this the Mess Webley should come out of retirement a much more humane way to put them down I think :)

  11. I was watching the England game yesterday in a bar in Belfast City Centre.
    Was approached by 3 chaps, pensionable age, the one who spoke had an English accent, or at least it sounded like one.

    "Excuse me, who's playing?"
    (I suspcted a a waaah, still not one hundred per cent sure it wasn't)
    "England & Ecuador"

    "Ohhh England, good, what's the score?"

    BB:"nil-nil, at the moment, it's just started"

    "Oh, right.... Who to?"

    (at this point I was about to deliver a 'no waah' ... but it continues..

    BB: "umm, nobody mate, nil-nil, no score..."

    "Oh of course, yes... Is it a competition or something?"
    BB: " yeees... It's the World Cup"

    "Oh the World Cup" (to his friends) "It's England playing in the World Cup" (sounds of approval and excitement from friends)

    "If England win will we see them get the cup before... Oh about six-ish?"

    BB: "errr... No, this isn't the final"

    "Oh right, not that important then" (to friends) "It's not the final.... Shall we just go for a walk?"