The State of the British Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. For those who may be interested the whole of BBC2 Newsnight on Thursday 6th September is to be devoted to this topic.
  2. Thanks, Skynet. I'll set my alarm clock. We're certainly receiving a lot of press attention at the moment. Not many disasters happening elsewhere, then!

  3. Not many disasters happening elsewhere, then! Not yet. The place to watch is AFGHANISTAN
  4. This is what Newsnight is saying about the show.
    Broken Army?
    Newsnight 3 Sep 07. On Thursday Newsnight will be devoting the whole programme to an analysis of the state of the Army. We'll have the first broadcast interview with General Sir Mike Jackson in advance of the release of his controversial autobiography, Soldier. Mark Urban will explore whether the funding and operation commitments of the Army have led to a crisis, and whether radical changes to its functions and set-up are needed. And we'll be releasing some fascinating polling about the public's attitude to the army, and its work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And we'll be joined by a Defence Minister, who will be answering questions from a panel which will include former serving soldiers. But we'd also like to hear from you. What is the burning issue you want the MoD to address, or the one big question you want answered?

    Leave your comments and thoughts below or send your message as a video - you can upload it to a video sharing website, and send us the link. (Please read these guidelines before submitting.) We'll aim to show some of them on Thursday's programme.
  5. Say what you like about Bush, at least the man has the balls to go and see some of the victims of his policies:[​IMG]



    Yet to see any pictures like this of Brown or Blair.
  6. Totally OT I know but I'd just like to add I think Laura Bush is pobably the finest First Lady ever, a real credit to her country. And we had Cherie Booth...


    Cherie Booth and her Spiv of a husband may have wanted to be American politicians BUT there is not and will never be such as a thing as a 'first lady' who is not the Queen (Gawd bless Her) or the wife of a future King (may that day be decades in the future).
  8. Why do I suddenly get visions of Christians being thrown to the lions? :) Providing the ex-squaddies, I'm assuming of course that the 'former serving soldiers' wont simply be all ex-officers, haven't been knobbled or get edited to death this could be most amusing. But since it says 'a Defence Minister' I'm assuming that Des Browne will be finding himself indisposed, probably claim duties as Secretary of State for Scotland prevent him taking part, and send one of his underlings like Ainsworth or Twigg to take the heat for him.

    Oh this is too easy. We need to get everyone on Arrse thinking of the best questions that we can send in. What's going to be the most embarrassing questions for them and where can we point the shows presenters an producers towards that will put the government under the most pressure? Maybe BAFF should get in on the action and send in a few video questions. Thinking hats on gentlemen.
  9. Can we prime the panel or paxman with questions serving soldiers would like answering? Mods, BAFF reps can you organise this?
  10. Is BAFF going to be represented ??
  11. why are there defence cuts with two major ops on at the moment?
    why cut the infantry at the time of the most intense fighting since ww2

    not really a question but would be highly amusing "does you mother sew kunt :evil: " pprefably with a kevalar on for extra impact
  12. If invited...
  13. Don't wait to be invited, get in there!
  14. I take it BFBS wont be showing it then??????? I suppose if they do their masters wont get funding to buy the most exellent programs we get to watch!!! What the hell is 2-D they are showing???? Money well spent i suppose for morons
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The new DIN should effectively eliminate any up-to-date views from serving personnel, unless of course the MOD gives them permission, which, let's be honest, is about as likely as Broon going on air in the program and saying "Actually, ahm a tight-fisted jock koont and it's mah fault that guys hae bin dayin needlassely!"