The State Of ARRSE And Some Of The Members

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Legs, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. OK, I'll stick my head back above the parapet so I can voice my opinion. No doubt the usual gang will round up the posse and spout their venomous drivel and drone on with their oh so humourous quips.

    In recent weeks a certain few of the members of this once great site have been hounded to such an extent that they have felt the need to back away from ARRSE - me included. Some decent site members who give much to the site. MiT, Zero-Over, Greyfergie, myself and probably others have all become the target for some Internet Hardmen. I don't know how many of the semi-literate gobshites have actually served - probably not many. But despite many of your protestations, this is not the way normal squaddies behave. Some of the bile that is spouted would not get you a round of applause and back-slaps in a real NAAFI bar, it'd either get you punched, or locked in a cell. Yes, really. I have served in a variety of units - RAMC, Infantry, RE, REME, R Sigs and none of the bars in any of these units would much of what is said be acceptable.

    I have no problem with humour. Gallows humour, black humour even sick humour is fair enough. What I, and other, have seen recently on this site is not humour.

    OK, I opened up on two major parts of my real life. Maybe that was unwise. I don't think that some of the crap hurled at me was in any way justified. Yes, I underwent Gender Reassignment (paid for myself), and yes, I had what the Docs now are calling a Nervous Breakdown. Neither of these life events hurt any one of you, or even affected any one of you. I blogged my life changes here because a number of people asked me to do so. I thought it may enlighten some, educate others. I opened a Mental Health thread because I felt it was right to get Mental Health issues in the open as, frankly, there really is nothing to be ashamed of if you suffer. Do you know what - it turned out that lots of people struggled with mental health issues at some point and they felt able to unload, compare and discuss their issues. Until the posse of Internet Hardmen decided to wade in with their size 12 boots and kick shit around.

    I have been guilty of sometimes overstepping the mark and saying something nasty to a poster or two on here - usually in response to an extremely stupid remark. And yes, I once told someone to deep fry their head. I have no doubt whatsoever that the person (or sockpuppet) who it was directed at realised that is was not an actual instruction or piece of genuine advice, but rather an bit of an OTT response to their remark. Of course I don't really want someone to deep fry their head!

    I've also been accused of bringing the LGBT and 'The Padre' kicking down the doors of the site. Actually, I think Good CO (if he wishes to venture an opinion) will agree that I did no such thing, and I was in fact spending lots of time on the phone with both GCO and 'The Padre' (who I did know) trying to calm the situation.

    This site used to be a place to come for a laugh, where you could ask sensible questions on any number of subjects and get sensible replies, chat about the forces and the world about us. Do you remember a time when the press used to quote ARRSE over Defence matters? The only quotes now are when ARRSE Users are quoted describing how much they would like to rape someone, and how they'd do it. It is full of lynch mobs, never served numbskulls who want to appear tough and other people who just want to spout nasty, bilious crap and get away with it. I wonder what the COs think about how ARRSE has come down in estimation of the press?

    I know that what I've said will make not a single iota of difference to the people who are actually causing damage to the site, but hey, I can live in hope. I may stay around to see. I may not. Who cares?
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  2. It's the Internet, who fucking cares.
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  3. To be honest mate - you were in Bradshaw troop, and therefore deserve everything you get.

    Seriously though, I've got a lot more time for someone like yourself than "I'm a super tough squaddie" types.

    Looking forward to the next camping trip
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  4. Was I hell! I was Ackroyd Troop!
  5. I fully agree with you and I applaud your posts and openness. I'm sure some will gain a lot from your transition.
    I do think MIT has got rather holier than thou of late and maybe needs to step back a bit.
    The depression thread has been very well moderated and has had very few crayoning on it.
    As with all Internet forums quality and style fluctuates, stick with it please.
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  6. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Wot she said!
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  7. Even worse, should have kept that to yourself
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Well put Legs.

    It's the pack mentality that annoys me. Don't these people have their own opinions?
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  9. My opinion ? I know the feeling. there is a lot of 'little minds' with 'big opinions' out there & if they ARE or have served you can bet they were either the barrack room bully or so full of themselves that they got a kicking every 5 minutes.

    I suppose the expression would be 'live & let live' but if they are going to maul everyone who posts here & lets NOT forget this is an open forum for (supposedly) like minded, guys n gals who have or planning to 'get some in' I think the mod police on this site SHOULD do a 3 strikes and you are toast policy & the easy way is to check the IP address of the idiots causing the damage. would you allow someone from off barracks to come on to site and mess with your kit or your regimental colors ? No? well in essence that's what these 'opinionated gits' are doing ? so someone needs to grow a pair and tell them where the bus stop is otherwise it will ruin this site....and spoil it for others.
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  10. Succinct and concise.

    Also pretty much correct.

    On here we have any number of "minorities" of all types and shades and they all get "abused" in a variety of forms and levels.

    The vast majority of them have no problems fighting their own corner or just ignoring the bullshit and utter crap that some people post and seem to realise that this is not real life, words on the screen will not leap off and punch you in the eye.

    Put them on ignore/don't read the posts, turn the damn pc off and it all goes away.

    Why people get all offended and precious about something so empheral is a mystery to me and I truely can not understand why anyone would take it seriously enough to flounce off in a huff never mind being idiotic enough to top themselves over something that people you will never meet and who you don't know and probably never will know have written things about you.

    Would you react the same way to graffiti sprayed on the local bog walls?

    Get over it and get over yourself.
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  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    If I could give likes that would get one.
  12. By the way guys, when do I get to see some medals after my bloody name ? you loot have loads :-(
  13. I was going to agree with you Legs, but I think I'll wait and see what everyone else thinks first.

    By the way, there was a time when MIT's posts were virtually identical to what I would have written had I got to a thread first, but either he's changed, or I've changed, as he now seems like a bit of a tool.
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  14. Obviously someone who doesn't care that 'words' simple as they might sound CAN hurt.... unless you just as so up your own arse you don't care about what you say causing offense or upsetting people
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  15. Well I get incensed when I find someone has misspelt 'ephemeral' on the internet.
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