The Stasi coming to a town near you

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Rattler, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. In the area I live in, I'd love for a council jobsworth to try to issue a fine to one of the local scallywags.

    I'd find it rather hilarious.
  2. Same here; they would have a very short "career" if they tried it with the local scumbags in my area. :twisted: The real police would be scraping up their remains with a shovel!

    Still, it's indicative of this pathetc Gub'mint in general and Smith in particular. That woman has a face I'd never get tired of kicking. :evil:

    Oh, and if I was a former member of the Stasi, I sue for defamation of charector!
  3. No no no - What the fcuk?

    This is Labour Scorched earth in action. What a SH!T idea.

    One word - Disaster!!!
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    They're handing out all these powers to pathetic busy-bodying turds in cardigans merely to ensure their vote.

    Scum. I've met very, very, very few people in any form of power, be it local council/parish/constituency/whatever that do it purely for the interest of helping the community they live in. Most have some ulterior motive.

    As i've said quite a few times - a councillor is somebody who is not good enough at telling lies to be a politician.
  5. It's all crap. DEMAND someone's name and address? They'd be laughed at (not to mention punched!). Besides what has happened to all the PC nonsence the Government are always spouting, you know about being polite (or is that just to murderer's, child molestors, terrorists) - surely it should be ask for someone's name and address. :roll:

    It all boils down to the fact that this is policing on the cheap - why bother employing a real officer at an exorbitant wage (and benefits etc..) when you can employ 2, 3 or 4 wannabe's for the same price!

    Remember that "Community Officer" who let a kid drown because it wasn't in his job description to jump in and save him?!!! :evil:

    The Government need to employ properly trained Police Officers, not a bunch of paid, jobsworth vigilante types. :x
  6. Coming from people who wouldn't recognise the STASI if they had an East German power-drill shoved down their throats.
  7. Oh I dunno, I reckon Lord John Roper would.
  8. Seconded.

    WTF next - Tesco security guards going through the AFO Course?! 8O

    Fcuking NOTHING would surprise me with this Gub'mint! :x
  9. Speaking as someone in the security industry I don't want it..... 99% of people in the security industry are mongs, there would be even more work for the overstretched Plod to do. PCSO's are a case in point, theres loads of them out there spotting scrotes?crimes which they can't do anything about but call the real police. This would just increase the amount of "badged eyes" out there. Can you imagine a Security guard trying to take beer off a gang of pissed teenagers??? Take it the Nhs and Ambulance service are getting an increase in funding for the influx of fresh bodies?
  10. But they won't try it with the local scumbags, will they? It'll be the 50-year old chap who has to swerve his bike onto the pavement to avoid being knocked off it; it'll be the blameless 30-something school teacher who doesn't notice that a tissue has fallen out of her handbag and who has thus 'littered'.

    It'll all end in tears - or more accurately, the Court of Appeal asking whether the current administration has any grasp of the law, including some laws it has introduced....
  11. How many members of the Labour Party ever had a visa application to permit entry into East Germany contested in the Stasi days ?
  12. it comes back to the FACT that these stasi types will target the generally law abiding citizens of this country and steer clear of the actual trouble makers.
  13. Time to start wearing
    And as theiftaker said imagine some fcuking deluded "security gaurd" of demanding and getting hold of a females ID and then start stalking her or worse who will then take the blame for that for allowing the stupid fecking law in the 1st place?
  14. Imagine the consequences of the Door Thugs being given the power to issue Fixed penaltys.

    I shudder at th thought of how many problems this is going to cause.