Builds the Star Wars Millenium Falcon, as you have never seen it.

the engine Nacelles drilled and the supports inserted into the strong part of the frame, using serious glue to hold them, may need a upper stay to hold the dowels at 45'.
drilled and pegged.jpg
trial fit, I need to get the dowel off again to detail them as engines
trial fit.jpg

held at 45', the constant pressure is on the mounts.
engine trial fit starboard.jpg
Have you got wedge cross section shims in the square sections or just slots on the other side?
once I'd drilled the holes in the square section I just pumped the void full of thick serious glue before inserting the pegs, it seems to have worked, they are nice and firmly positioned and hold up the dowels. Now I can work on the Dowels separately..
digging out likely greeblies from the spares box to decorate/detail the dowels
spares box.jpg

tail fin on each engine
tail end of engines.jpg

engines bonded onto the mounts, time now to work on the large tail fins.
tail fins b.jpg
Much as I'm enjoying this, I do think that the Millennium Falcon that they ended up with was/is the better. It's aged better.
of course, Lucas was a Genius, stood by the courage of his convictions to change the design and go with his gut instinct, the Concept drawings are merely part of it's evolution. It must have took strength of character to say, "look, I know we've spent $10,000 on these models, and you've all put your heart and soul into making them, But I've just been chewing it over....."
the parts for the Horizontal tail fins.
tail fin parts.jpg

I've glued on squares of Styrene on the ends of the extruded square section to add more contact area for then the fins are bonded on.
struts and stays.jpg

just a quick size check, always helps to offer parts up well before time.
trial fit of tail fin.jpg

the final strut will go on when the fin is glued in place.
tail end.jpg
while those struts cure and harden in place, I'm turning my attention back to the nose Cone, there's a box like structure with projections pointing forward.
cockpit and nose.jpg
using a spare cone to get the shape, so the nose dome sinks into the box at the front.
nose cone attachment ag.jpg

using 1/24th scale Typhoon rocket heads, to be drilled for a metal rod.
nose cone attachment c.jpg

and glued to the nose, held at the right height by a matchbox while it dries.
nose cone attachment bg.jpg
just a bit to finish off here and there, but the construction phase is nearly done, next some decisions to make on colour/finish and weather or not to weather.
tail fin gv.jpg

on the whole, I've enjoyed scratch building, using just basic materials, some drink cans, an ice cream plastic cone and some Styrene sheet.
basic materials styrene sheet.jpg

even before this one is finished I'm looking toward my next scratchbuild of a Concept sketch.
AT AT concept sketch.jpg
second stage salt.
second coat detail.jpg

general view of it so far with second stage salt.
second coat general view.jpg

going one further, with the third stage. Battleship Grey.
third coat c.jpg

Detail of the third stage salt.
third coat a.jpg
There's no view of the tail end of the fuselage in the drawing, but there is the suggestion of some king of exhaust or vent pipe at the back. The back end does look a bit bare, so I kit bashed a more interesting back end using a M42 drivers hatch panel, a Muzzle brake from ASU152 and some styrene plasticard.
aft end structure build b.jpg

Marking the curve of the forward panel using another drink can of the same
aft end built.jpg
diameter, it's fits up and will look good when it's painted.

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