The standard of trick or treaters today.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Tis Halloween tonight and no doubt I'll have a constant stream of trick or treaters ringing my doorbell every 5 minutes all evening. I have no gripe about trick or treating itself, we all did it as kids, and the youngsters seem to quite enjoy it. However, what I do have a gripe about is the abundance of shite trick or treaters that simply haven't bothered their arrse.

    Some youngsters really put effort in, but last year I had two older teenagers knock on my door, in their trackies, asking for money. No costume, no decent trick, they just stuck their mitt out and asked for a quid. When I asked why they replied "It's trick or treat innit". Later on in the evening I had some kids knock on my door wearing just a bin liner, never said a word, just held out a Tesco carrierbag. When I asked for a trick they never had anything prepared. They're nothing more than beggars.

    I don't mind rewarding good work. But I'll be fucked if I'm handing anything over to scrotes that haven't bothered. I might cook up some toffee onions or chocolate ExLax covered sweets ... "Gimme some sweets It's trick or treat innit Brapp Brapp" "Here you go enjoy". Cunts.
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  2. I don't answer the door to the dirty little beggars.
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  3. We weren't allowed to. My mum and dad didn't want their kids to be beggars.
  4. We were the same.
  5. Us too. I had to go out and beat the other kids up for their sweets.
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  6. We didn't! We're not Septics!
    We're English and we had mischief night. A different concept altogether :)
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  7. If you're on the sex offenders register it's not a problem...
  8. And the local shops did a bomb in flour and eggs.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My Gran was a yank and she lived in a Private road full of other (very rich) yanks and their families in Hampstead.

    They all went to town and did their houses up as haunted mansions with a big party going on in each. As kids we thought it was awesome and would end up with a bin bag full of sweets and occasionally a bit of money too. Some of the houses didn't want to play and just had the lights off, those that did get into the spirit of the occasion made it obvious with pumpkins and decorations etc. Jeremy Irons lived close by and I recall him opening his door dressed as Frankenstein one year.

    Seems to be a big thing for Americans and a nice way of getting the community together. I'd let my boy trick or treat in an American community but definitely nowhere else. I've lived at my current address for 4 years and have never had any trick or treaters turn up, it's just not a big thing in this country.
  10. I did that with chav type ‘carol singers’, next morning I went to get in my car to find the tyres had been slashed. You need to have a plan in place to see them off the premises. Either that or invest in some truly horrible flavoured joke sweets – by the time they get to eat them they are far away and hopefully won’t remember which house the sweets had come from.
  11. Lucky fucker!!!
    Our local shops didn't make them up for us, we had to get the flour and eggs separately and make our own :)
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  12. Same here, my folks considered it begging. When I pointed out that they both went out asking for "penny for the guy" on Nov 5 when they were youngsters this was shot down as being "totally different". Aye right.

    Our way around this was to collect all the neighbourhood kids into a huge gang. Then get them to knock on our door and ask our mum if we could go trick or treating. Faced with about 15 kids and us being the odd ones out she caved to the pressure every year. :)

    So yes I often did end up trick or treating wearing a bin bag and a hastily bought £2.50 plastic mask thing! Don't blame the kids for not putting the effort in, blame the fun police parents!

    Old geezer down the road used to tell us to come back the next night thinking we wouldn't bother. We did every night for a week before realising he wasn't going to give us anything. So we egged his house and the older kids rigged up fireworks under his windowsill. Police came and everything, it was brilliant!
  13. I'd have hunted you down and set you on fire.
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    My neighbour took the chain off his chainsaw and would answer the door revving the fuck out of it dressed as Jason.
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  15. So vandalising some old lad's property is just a laugh to you?

    To be fair though, I can see the fun in it as I can in raping women because other blokes do it.
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