The standard of todays teens!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chinooksdad, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. After abusing Feroz -provincia on another thread, I have been forced to re-evaluate my opinion given that I was clealry talking out of my arrse!!

    What do you guys think? Have we bred a nation of illiterate wife-beating mongs or were they always there? Fred West and Harold Shipman certainly disguised their tendencies well and I think most chavs today would be too fcuking pised or lazy to bury fifteen lodgers under the patio and, even if they did, the workmanship would be appalling. Hats of to you Fred. RUP - Rest Under Patio.

    So, with the exception of your own brats gents, lets debate the British yoof of today :)

    PS, pinched the pic from one of ferox's postings. I think it sums it all up rather admirably!!

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  2. Oh look!! you can vote in your own poll.

    God I'm bored
  3. They are substantially better now.

    My sister at 16 and most of her mates had huge, huge bushy vag's, f*ck off wooly jumpers, big wire heavy bras and were always in joggers, spending most of their time watching soaps and attempting dismally to smoke.

    The last teen I f*cked was of tremendous quality, completely shaven, expensive haircut, forever sending grot shots to my phone, outdrank my brother in a pub in Whitby and enjoyed being eaten out on the golf course after a night out.

  4. Thanks for the post Reni. How is your daughter by the way? In rude health I trust?
  5. Sporadically bleeding, emotionally scarred and visibly terrified when her 'Uncles' come over for poker night.
  6. Oh Reni, you are a wag!!

    If only I could take my drunken peadophilic fumblings to your exquisitly refined levels I probably wouldn't have to spend all my time betwen posting on ARRSE, signing on at various police stations and staying 200 metres away from schools and playgrounds.

    I doff my schoolcap to you Sir.
  7. Are today's Teens any different from Yesteryears Teens.... on average... probably not.... still full of hormones and angst as they grow up. But there does seem to be an increase in the numbers who are sullying the UK's Gene Pool with more Chavettes, Chavs, Mongs, Munters.... and general all round 3rd and 4th and maybe 5th generations of Benefits Cheats and dependancy on Drugs and Incohol..... Ah!! thsoe were the days!! :?

    But then my perspective on the trends in society might be a little jaundiced by the fact that my old Gran thought that in the 1950s and 1960s Elvis Presley, Cliff Richards... 'Rock n Roll'.... and all that Jazz was the 'End of the World Times'... :oops:

    Funny how attitudes of the Older Generation doesn't change that much. My Gran told once told me that her elderly relatives thought that the 'End of The World' had come when the Flappers and the Charlston were popular with the 'Rich Young Things' in the 1920's....'speakeasies'... London Clubs and Gin Joints of the 1930s :?

    Siigh... oh for the 1950's and 1960's when I were a Yoof!!
  8. Most women in Whitby can out drink blokes.........grot shots you say ehh...erm any chance of.......sending them to....... :oops:

    My Mate was running a building site in Swindon....yes I know!! on of the tenants used to send him growler shots......she was only 17 she was filthy 2 kids and loved being shagged in part build houses... 8)
  9. Seems to be a BIG divide here, we have two distinct type of teenagers who are at opposite poles when it comes to what we expect of them, one one hand we have the know nothing,do nothing other then get into Sh*t, worthless scrotal sacks that tend to wear sports clothing and hang around in packs drinking Diamond White and verbally/physically abusing passers by and by dint of their behaviour warrant nothing less the extermination.

    On the other hand we have a good few that bear closer inspection, tend to know what they want, work for it and acheive things, think of all the 17,18,19 year olds who got off their arrses and joined up, those that are working towards some useful qualification, those that decide they want to take a professional/vocational course or simply want to get on with life, and those younger ones who know how to get there from where they are now.

    But we also have the "Inbetweenies" like my kid for example, who is clever enough to balance a bit of the two and still be a credit to me, she sadly has to live in a suburb of Leeds which by no stretch of the imagination is anyway pleasant, yet she fits in with the local kids, but also manages to "Keep her nose clean" and also knows what she wants academically/vocationally and I reckon she's going to get it.

    Whereas her "Best mate" is nothing short of "In 3 years time she is going to be pushing a buggy with a council estate facelift on, 2 snotty kids called Peter and Jordan, smoking Mayfair and shagging anything the looks like it might have a pulse, leeching our Tax payers contributions and generally being a burden".

    So, there you have it, one group has no future and deserves nothing but contempt and a quick trip to an abbatoir specially designed for humans (Males) or sterilised and sent to state run brothels to pay for the burden that they are (Females).

    The other group deserves all the chances it can be given and all the help it needs to achieve it goals.

    The "Inbetweenies" need to be encouraged to set their sights on a higher goal by being made to take a trip to the brothels and abbatoirs just to see what could happen if they let it slide.

    When you come right down to it, some are worth saving, Others? Well Lets just call them the "The living dead", even though there are some exceptions to the rule that I have met, Chavs with reasonable jobs and chances to better themselves, who are fairly polite, tend not to be too abusive and get on with things...I suppose they are the types that if given the chance would join 9/12th Lancers...........
  10. Todays Yoof?? My old Nan always berates em.. Cant leave your doors unlocked like back in the old days she says.

    This is true,.However, we can leave our lights on without some cnut dropping bombs on us.
  11. Most women in Whitby can out drink blokes.........grot shots you say ehh...erm any chance of.......sending them to....... :oops:

    My Mate was running a building site in Swindon....yes I know!! on of the tenants used to send him growler shots......she was only 17 she was filthy 2 kids and loved being shagged in part build houses... 8)[/quote]

    You may not have grot shots , however now she lives in Malta I can comfortably post this little belter I got last New Years eve ..

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  12. These would be the same type of teenagers as are joining up and doing the hard yards in sandy places? :roll:
    Looking back in rose tinted glasses is all very well, but ask yourselves were you pillars of society before you signed on the dotted and had a bit of self discipline hammered into you by your Training Team/DS?
    I bet letters of a similar vein to this bollix were published in the Wail in the 40's about Spivs, the 50's about Teds, the 60's about Mods and Rockers, the 70's about Soccer Hooligans and the New Romantics in the '80s (Shurely shome mishtake.).
    Go and do something useful like trimming your nasal hairs you saddo.
  13. Today's teens are pushing the boundaries just like yesterday's teens!

    The trouble is some parents are not setting boundaries in fact they've thrown the Boundary Book out the window. Ideally children learn from an early age what is allowed, what is acceptable, what can I say - unfortunately, unless they are guided by parents or guardians this does not kick in and stay with them until they themselves make up their own mind about how they want to live their lives. Some parents have switched positions with their kids who now act as if they're in charge, and the result is anything goes and the word NO is rarely used to prevent bad behaviour or irresponsible actions.

    "Being Liberal" has become a byword for abdicating responsibility and taking us down a road to a rather messy conclusion. Which is a shame because I'm liberal and I've never seen it as a dirty word in fact to me it's a progresssive word. I just make judgement calls on how liberal I should be, but then that's what my parents taught me! Somewhere the continuity has broken down.....
  14. As this is the NAAFI and the last couple of posters have taken 'boring' to the fucking extreme, I'd like to take this opportunity to call them cunts and say that 16 year old clunge is sweeter than a summer's day.
  15. yes but a fifteen year olds is sweeter :twisted:

    or so i have been told! :x