The standard of English on ARRSE!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I must admit that, apart from obvious exceptions, which are promptly dealt with, the standard of English on ARRSE seems to be far and away above the national UK standard! Although I might be wrong on this and I'd welcome correction.

    The (my) point is that since I work with languages for a living, I'm particularly prone to examining context, substructures, hidden meanings, ambivalences and semantics. However, I find that almost all ARRSErs really do seem to have a very good grasp of their native language (in this case English). It's extremely heartening and not at all as hopeless as some would make us believe.

    In comparison to other sites concentrating on military themes,, for instance, I think we come out pretty well! But what do other ARRSErs think?

  2. Don't let MDN see that
  3. Fanks Mate I fink: eye agree wiv ewe, on that wun. Arrse inglish is bbuy faar th bist on the tinterneet'
  4. Yes there have been some notable examples of 'text speak' on ARRSE. Not sure whether this is down to idleness,not knowing any better, or simply a way of winding certain people up?

    Surely it's harder to 'translate' a message into Chav text speak, and then type it out?!

    Remember, onlE tsrs abre8
  5. What the fuck would you know, you rinky dink pikey bogtrotting leprechaun? And no I don' want to buy any pegs or heather.
  6. Would you like to re-construct this sentence ?
  7. Surely it' abrev8 ?
  8. Really appreciate your input, Flashy! :D :D :D

  9. So thats what it is? random had me totally stumped for a while there :D
  10. You may mock but how long before we start seeing txt spk in the Occurrence Book? It can only be a matter of time. I’m not saying an RSM won’t jump on the offender, just that it’s bound to happen if it hasn’t already.

    I am particularly fond of the way new visitors to the site receive a short sharp shock if they slip into lazy spelling and grammar. If you want to make a point on ARRSE and be taken seriously you need to adhere to the unwritten standards of the majority of the community. The language Nazis can be a bit overbearing sometimes but they ensure that most threads are readable and coherent.

    Thanks spelling and grammar Nazis, you unsung heroes of t’interweb.
  11. Does the phrase NFTR count as text speak?
  12. Yes and so does ATTADS!
  13. No, it's just lazy. Take five!
  14. The misuse of Capital Letters for Everything is Very Irritating, as is sloppy grammar. For example, I was very irritated to come across the voucher, a link to which is below, giving 40% OFF (ie off the cost of) "All Wine and Champagne at Bottoms Up and Threshers till Dec 10" . Really very annoying indeed ?
  15. Which sentence would you like me to re-construct, the_guru? You've included two!