The standard of education

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by STAB_2B, May 13, 2008.

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  1. I was at a New Deal for young people thing yesterday - yes I'm on it too.

    There were 10 of us in the room with a 'mentor' giving a presentation. He asked "how many of you are there in here?", he was about to give out some forms and wanted to know if he had enough.

    After a short pause this happened.

    Chav 1: "ders 9 ov us in er"
    Chav 2: "yer, 9 innit"
    Chav 3: "9"
    Mentor: "There's 10 of you here, you must have forgotten to count yourselves"
    Clever chav: "der iz 12 coz u ave 9 + chav1 + chav2 + chav3, coz thay forgot to count demselfs"

    The room then went silent, whilst most were trying to work it out.

    I sat back and smiled to myself, wandering why I'd been put on the course!!!!

    Anyone else got anything similar?
  2. During a wet-bulb process, air and water vapor coexist.
    Some of the vapor is condensed, or water vapor is evaporated in air, saturating it

    governing equation:
    Md Cpd + Mv Cpv) dT = - Lv dMv [1]
  3. You say potato I say cranberry.....

    The equation is irrelevant in an environment with no Hydrogen.

    That said, come over here and I'll show you an experiment that will lead to moisture.
  4. nope, new deal is great. It provides an endless line of troll-like workers that are available on a "free trial" for three months, after which they are sent back because they are basically retarded children. I love Labour.
  5. Once a bloke who drank a bottle of vodka (or slightly more) asked a policeman: How many moons are on the sky? The policman replayed: In what row exactly?
  6. No. Ive thought REALLY hard and I can't think of ANY Russian Stand up comedians. :D