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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by itsfantastic, May 23, 2005.

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  1. I am going to RCB Briefing next month without a regiment sponsoring me, and have so far followed my ACA(O)'s advice on which regiments to look at. If you've seen my other posts you'll know she came up with the Light Division, the RAC and one of the Scottish regiments. Last night I was at the pub with a mate of mine who's ex-Staffords, who when he heard this ranted for a couple of hours about me being forced to forget my roots. I am a Staffordshire lad born and bred, yet my ACA advised me against looking at the Staffords. Why is this? I know they'll be the 3rd Bn of the Mercian Regiment soon enough, but the Staffords I've met have been top guys and I don't see why that would change.
  2. You are being advised on Infantry regiments by a non-infantry WOMAN. How can this happen?

    FFS everbody, help this man out!
  3. E-mailed to Staffords Officer -Wait out.
  4. Being a state school muppet myself I was advised to avoid my local regiment so as to reduce the possibility of having to deal with soldiers that I went to school with.
  5. If you are a half decent officer (and Bladensburg, I am not for a second suggesting you are not) having been to the same school as a handfull of your soldiers will cause no conflicts.

    On the contrary,first, you will not need an interpreter to understand their vernacular, and second, you are far more likely to understand exactly what meakes them tick. I would suggest that this far outweighs any of the downsides.

    Itsfantastic, suggest if you are Stafford through and through, you should make it your mission to join them, sod what any female (or male for that matter) ACIO tells you. Get in touch with their officer recruiting rep and make yourself known. You can either do this before RCB, or when you (hopefully) get to the Hurst.
  6. Good Lad PTP.
  7. Yes, good work PTP. The Staff are an excellent regt and that will no doubt carry over to their new incarnation.

    WTF would a woman know about advising men on Inf Regts? If the Staff Regtl HQ knew potential Offrs were being advised against the Staffs by Army Recruiting they would go ape, and quite right too.

    Go for the Staffs lad and good luck with RCB.
  8. Pretty much what I thought myself, particularly as one is likely to have at least three years further education and Sandhurst between you and him.
    I suspect that the thinking may have been to reduce the chances of officers being "compromised" by prior knowledge of bullying or indiscretions.
  9. Dogmonkey, absolutely spot on, well said! I remember 1 STAFFORDS from Op GRANBY as a fine Regiment, well led and full of tough soldiers who had what it took to win.

    Itsfantastic, don't let any thought of regional accents put you off. Your choice of words (Staffordshire lad born and bred) suggest you've got real pride in your roots and you'll find great satisfaction joining an organisation that shares that pride. Mind you, do your research, the Army is a broad church, as they say.

    Ultimately, your soldiers will judge you on your character and actions, not the way you speak. Good luck fella!

  10. I got told to steer well clear of my regional area.

    Except by the regiments in my regional area, who told me to stay within my regional area (but there may have been an ulterior motive there...)

    As it was, I joined one of those battalions that recruit from everywhere and had about 6 languages rolling around for me to learn. We had officers who lived in the same towns as the lads and all sorts. Even now I sometimes bump into them in clubs back home.

    Join the regiment that works for you.