the staffords

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. can anybody clear up this story please....

    I heard somthing about the staffords having their colours, or somthing along these lines, taken away in world war two for raping and killing some german nuns?

    any truth in this or is it a lie tch would be proud of?
  2. Sounds like absolute sh1te to me.
  3. come on sombody must know somthing about this?? :?:
  4. Tried Google and a couple of other engines and struck out. That no one seems to know anything about this suggest this is crap too. I don't doubt stuff like that happened.

    A sad reality of the times.
  5. I'd be highly skeptical of any information coming from those pages if I were you, army-of-1! The clue to the slant on that site's take on history is in the reference to the end of WW2 at the very beginning of the article you quote: "...the Judeo-Communist victory..."
  6. having heard this story quite a few times, i could never quite get any staffords to admit or tell their version of the truth, they do wear black stripes, black stable belts and are alleged to have no colours even though thier regimental colour is yellow.i feel it may well be a story akin to the 'white lanyards' Royal Artillery myth.
  7. Probably started by the RA as retaliation for "white lanyards"

    That's a good story too, maybe a Gunner would like to explain why it's a myth (again)
  8. Yes I know the article is biased and I should have said so when I posted the link. That doesn't change the fact that we, the Americans and particularly the Red Army did some very unsavoury things to women and children for sexual gratification during the European campagne. Thanks for pointing it out though.
  9. Thats because they had black facing colours on the scarlet jackets in the olde days Doh!