The St Vasalines day massacre!

Grapevine said:
It's of Peter Mandelson stimulating an enthralled audience with his weapon handling skills, with a hot greasy prototype.
I sincerely hope somebody obliges him by shooting its load up his arse.
Ok who did this :roll:

p-415 says:
December 11, 2009 at 2:02 pm

So tell me again how many Sa-80’s we ordered before someone noticed they were shit?


Book Reviewer
Good CO said:
Moved to Int Cell.
If we had a 'Moderately interesting links I found while idly poncing about on the interwurb, so I'll post them somewhere on the ARRSE' forum, you could save yourself the hassle Sir.

While I'm here Sir?

Any news on my 'Interesting Wooden Structures In Bucolic Settings' forum bid?

Christmas is coming up yer Honour, and its a time for giving?

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