The Squares Game!

Thoroughly addictive little game, in-keeping with tonight's theme of amusing those on drag stag...

...simply click here and click 'Play'.

Your aim is to use your mouse to 'ram' your square into other black squares, avoiding anything red. Black circles give you bonuses, such as limited invincibility, more points, slo-mo and so forth.

A score of over 100 squares is seriously kicking ass.....

...enjoy! :D

We really should have a board for 'Silly Games' shouldn't we - it'd stop me filling the NAAFI with this nonsense, anyway...
Darth ,,,,,,,, Your a cnut !!! I,ve been bloody addicted to that bloody thing now & missed the game I wanted to see on match of the day !!! Its a bit like that "worlds most annoying game " thing that was posted a few days back !! 67 squares I got anyway !! Don,t worry I,ll be touching 100 shortly !!!

Regards LT.
Fckin el !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My score is going down every time I play the cnuting thing. I,m gonna try again tommorow when I have,nt sunk several pints of wife beater !!!

Yikes, this is addictive!

Curse you, Darth!

113 squares first go. :(
Stop it Darth.

Last time you did this was with VU and look how that went....

If anyone cares we're getting a severe kicking this era I'm afraid.

Anyone else want to play a game that sucks away your life for months on end don't hesitate to let me know.... (I even logged on on Christmas Day! My family thinks I'm quite mad)
108 first round, if i play again the rest of today will be a write off trying to better it.
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