The "Squaddie Shuffle"

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Has the modern British Squaddie adapted and moved on with the times so much that the 'Squaddie Shuffle' is now a thing of the not too distant past and soldiers can actually "dance" nowadays 'God Forbid'!?

    The Group Ok Go with that classic dance the 'Squaddie Shuffle'

    As placed earlier by myself in the Music section, but for those who missed it, you HAVE to see this, scarily similar to scenes from the 'Chatham Stomp night' among other hip to be places/events.

    The Squaddie Shuffle at its Finest ; )


  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You'll be telling me that dessie boots, faded jeans and a t-shirt are out now too.
  3. Jeans, dezzies and .... SWAMP DANCING...

    Nowt like a group of britain's finest strutting their funky stuff in the middle of a growing yellow puddle! Only saw it done a couple of times but very nearly 'grand slammed' laughing.

    One of those things civvi just don't 'get' for some reason. :twisted:
  4. tiz not loading for me :(
  5. This band (ok go) were on Soccer AM last week. Apparently they have a big following - especially (apparently) because of that dance. Each to their own I suppose.
  6. i can assure you that my "squaddie shuffle" was far superior to that video Gundulph, honed it down to a fine art in Hameln during the 80's.
  7. Mine wasn't and still isn't!!! although with Ale Added I am John Travolta II.
  8. alcohol is a great leveller for us all, in that respect
  9. I am the typical Engr when it comes to dancing, 1 - 12 pints don't dance as i am sh1t at it 13th pint dance floor here i come, lets strut some stuff, next morning ohhhh fcuk what was i doing trying to dance last night..... when will i learn to go home before the 13th pint???

  10. 13th pint fella what happens when you don't go out for JUST a couple of sociable's.

    you would never have gotten away with that in "the bridge"
  11. The advantage of the Bridge is that i didn't have far to stagger, plus no one ever dared to try and dance in there, except when they tried to have a disco for the pads, they didn't last long before it was decided that it wasn't a good idea when the blokes started naked dancing to "Right said Fred" i'm too sexy etc.... now i am showing my age.

    As for the 13th pint i know i have let myself go a bit, i will now redouble my efforts to get my drinking skills up to the required standard, so perhaps i will manage to stay away from the dance floor till at least the 15th pint !!!!

  12. good effort fella, i knew that the real "sparky" was still in there just waiting to come to play again!!!!
  13. Thought my squaddie shuffle was top - until boogying to "Brown Sugar" (The Stones) at disco in St Angelo NI during a section stopover from Beleek. Wake up later in the Medcen with 10 stitches in the noggin. My assailant, a Welsh Guardsman, stated to the MPs: "I never bottled an Engineer before, isn't it". Fecker.

    No doubt about it though, Brompton/Chattenden stomps were the Showcase venues of The Shuffle......
  14. He is right you know,in 77 we did our own shuffle right into the Dock Yard into the Mess and got picked up by a bunch of WRENS and were boarded!
    God bless those Ladies of our Gray Funnel Line.