The Squaddie Shuffle At its Very Best...

If you haven't seen Ok Go yet, you Have to see their 'Million Ways To Be Cruel' Dance, it looks very suspiciously like they've either been having Dance lessons from their Dads or from the British Army 'Squaddie Shuffle Champion 2005'

The Squaddie Shuffle at its Finest ; )




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Far too complicated for me. I fondly remember the DMS shuffle from the late 70s (ie the height of disco).

We'd zi-zag across the North German Plain for five days, then on Friday, as the Germans expected us to stop, we'd organise a shower, usually by descending on a swimming pool and change into clean clothes for the weekend. Dress was DMS with puttees, lightweights, blue regimental polo neck, combat jacket and beret. All fresh out, clean and pressed for the purpose of.

Those of us not on stag (until later at least) usually found a Kneipe, but we did sometimes manage something rather more bouncing. In a Kneipe, we were always welcomed and did our bit for Anglo-German relations (not that there were ever any females to be seen). But after a week's recce (having started from an Active Edge), the fatigue would roll over us.

If we WERE lucky enough to find somewhere playing music, with a dance floor to boot (if you'll pardon the pun), things were entirely different. I did once manage to secret away the combat jacket, untuck the polo neck and remove laccy bands from trousers, transforming into something remotely resembling a civvy, but me commander put the big "Go away in short sharp jerky movements observing a Regimental Pause of 2 - 3" on the idea.

The DMS Shuffle? The feet were too tired to move or even come off the floor so they didn't. Any arm motion was a waste of energy and likely to shorten the evening before flakying into yer beer, so arms stayed loosely by the sides. Chin rested on chest to preserve energy. This left the knees, They bent alternately in time with the music (whatever the tempo). The locals were always impressed at our minimalist dancing, assuming it to be this latest "punk" craze thing.

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