The Squaddie Artist

Don't know if this guy ever served in the Oz Military but he had to have learned his craft somewhere and it sure sounds like a requisite R&R trade picked up in the army.

Tim Patch has painted a portrait of Aussie Prime Minister John Howard, using his penis as a brush,.
" after revealing his talent at a New Year's party last year...Mr Patch decided he did better portraits that way and sent his pictures to galleries. "

So, what talents have you developed after a few beers at a party?.. I think I might have learned how to Yodel The March of the Sardar from Mussorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, but the missus says it was more like howling at the moon.

I bet I could paint our Prime Minister, I wouldn't need oils...............I'd just w ank on canvas and there he'd be....... :plotting:
It'd take me fcukin years to colour that in. A good likeness and I also liked the fellas helmet.
Another good thing was it reminded me of Triple J (the website) It is an Aussie radio station like XFM. Some top programmes on there for streaming.

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