The spy who conned me

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pompey, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Documentary about Robert Hendy Freegard, who posed as an MI5 secret agent for years, exploiting the trust of the friends and lovers he drew into his imaginary world. He blackmailed and systematically humiliated his victims, convincing some that they were constant threat of IRA assassination, while conning others out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Tonight Ch4 2200hrs
  2. I have seen a programme about this man before. It is absolutely staggering how many people he took in and had over. Your jaw will be on the floor at the gullibility of some and the sheer audacity of the man. Sounds like Blair actually though I suspect even Freegard would have admitted he lied to start the war in Iraq by now!
  3. I remember reading about it at the time...didn't he tell colleagues in a pub (?) that they were in trouble and the IRA were out to get them through their association with him (supposedly being an MI5 officer). I think they all went on the run / into hiding for years and gave him all their savings etc...

    Either he was really really good or they were gullible mugs.
  4. Bit of both I think. Strange really, he clearly had the ability to make others do his will. Would have been an asset to a real intelligence agency, perhaps.

  5. Thought exactly the same
  6. He was actually a car salesman. His successful sales must have been fecking enormous.
  7. Makes you wonder who were the bigger walts,him or his victims in believing they were important enough to be targeted.